5 Friyays: January 11

5 Friyays: January 11

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s pretty frigid here in Philadelphia, and therefore I am thankful for warm places to sleep and work. Our thoughts are also with the nearly 1 million federal workers in the U.S. who will miss a paycheck today. If you aren’t among that group and have resources to share – consider contacting your local food distribution center (in Philly, we recommend Philabundance and in Pittsburgh 412 Food Rescue) to help make sure those folks can eat.


From the very serious to the not-really-serious-but-we-pretend-it-is, the Philadelphia Eagles are miraculously (and thanks to a blocked kick!) still in the playoffs. I’ll be on a plane during kickoff on Sunday when they play the New Orleans Saints, but you KNOW I’ll be biting my nails like a nervous nelly.

That Cozy Feeling

I got a weighted blanket for Christmas and it has quickly become part of my evening routine. As someone with super high anxiety, the feeling of security that comes with being under the blanket has been very, very helpful. If you’re considering getting one – here’s the guide we’d recommend!

Liverpool Football Club

In my last Friyays, you may remember that I was very excited that Liverpool were top of the Premiership Table over in England and my elation remains. I am not the only one, however, and so I share with you this video

The Magic of Soothing Video Games

One of the ways that Dr. Hinson unwinds is to color and one of the ways I do is to play video games. Now, I’m not one for the war ones (although I do love Dragon Age and The Witcher, so I guess I’m down with war as long as it only involves swords and magic), but I love the quieter ones. Disneyland Adventures, for example, which is literally just wandering around Disneyland and doing tasks for the characters. Any of the Lego franchise are also highlights – I clearly prefer the Harry Potter games, but I digress.

Playing these games occupies my hands in ways that allow my mind to stop fixating on what is making me anxious and instead process through the issues. Like absentmindedly knitting through a service, I play these games while listening to podcasts I love or an audiobook. My recent discovery is Stardew Valley and I am obsessssssed. If you like Farmville but wish you didn’t have time restrictions or the need to deal with bugging your friends, then this game is FOR YOU.

Through Deaf Eyes

Over Twixmas, I wanted a documentary to watch while eating my lunch and found an old PBS one on YouTube called “Through Deaf Eyes”. I had watched it in grad school, but had forgotten chunks of it, so threw it on.  Y’all, I am so glad I did. I know no one, personally, in the deaf community, and so I’m grateful for this nuanced and fascinating history. It’s a few years old, certainly, but covers the basics. Well worth a watch.


That’s all from me this week. Dr. Hinson will be back next week with hers! 

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