5 Friyays – January 15

5 Friyays – January 15

Hey all – it’s Dr. Erin here, back in the cycle of exhaustion that is 2021. Man – we thought 2020 was difficult – it’s only 15 days into the new year and 2021 is upping the ante. Having spent most of the week fighting my bone deep existential exhaustion (not even hyperbole), my Friyays are a bit scattered. But I’ve got some good news worthy bits for you all the same, so let’s crack on. 

Hockey is Back (Again)

Our frequent readers will know that I am a BIG fan of professional ice hockey. Especially given the Pittsburgh Steelers abrupt and embarrassing early departure from the playoffs, I was more than thrilled with the start of the 2020-2021 NHL season. Though my beloved Penguins lost the opener to our hated rivals in Philly, it is still bringing me loads of joy to have hockey once again on my television.

Justice for Ireland’s Women and Children

This week saw the long awaited release of the final report from the Commission on Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland. If you want to learn more, we’ve talked about the tragedy of these homes in a recent Hot(ish) Take on the documentary ‘Children of Shame.’ Though we were exceptionally upset at the overall findings of the report, we hope it will issue in a new redress scheme and some long overdue justice for the victims and survivors of such a horrific system of abuse and oppression. If nothing else, there are provisions in the report to bring legislation to exhume the remains believed to be at the Bon Secours Home in Tuam, Galway, which was a big part of the ‘Children of Shame’ documentary.

From the Writer of ‘Normal People’

It’s hard to remember that Spring 2020 gifted us with the phenomenal TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s book ‘Normal People.’ I loved the book, and loved the show, so I am delighted to share the news that Sally has a new book, ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’ arriving in September! I’ll be reserving my copy now!

You Can Dance If You Want To

One of our favorite stories of true inclusivity to start the year is the news that Birgit Skarstein became the first person in a wheelchair on Norway’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Smashing boundaries in smashing outfits, we love to see it!

Can You Speak Regency Slang?

It should really be no surprise at all that 3 weeks after it’s premier on Netflix, I’m still talking about ‘Bridgerton.’ We’ve been gifted with some truly delightful content to promote the show, but my favorite has to be the cast guessing at the meaning of Regency slang such as ‘Ladybird,’ ‘foxed,’ and ‘rake.’ It is a hilarious and joyful two minutes of your time. Watching the Queen say ‘Right in there – BANG!’ made my entire week.

I will leave you with that and see you all at the end of the month. Dr. K is up next week, and we’ll see what the 3rd week of 2021 brings for us all. Be safe and be well until next time!

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