5 Friyays: January 17

5 Friyays: January 17

Hey all! It’s Dr. Erin here, back with my 5 Friyays for this third week of the New Year. It was an eventful week around the world. As much as I would love to celebrate the return to government in Northern Ireland or the amazing stories coming out of Australia, my Friyays run a different gamut. I’m fighting through several layers of cold medicine, so apologies if I’m less than coherent. Let’s crack on!

Oscars So Very White Dude

The Oscars nominations dropped this week, and following the trend set by the Golden Globes, very few people of color were nominated. Similarly to the Globes, the Oscars also decided that only white men directed the best movies this year. Dr. Kristen and I both have a lot to say about this, but few people I’ve read this week have said it better than Dana Stevens did for Slate. It seems PREPOSTEROUS to nominate both The Joker and Little Women for the same categories (Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting, Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay) and nominate The Joker for Director and not Little Women. As Stevens points out, Little Women was not directed by woodland fairies. Do better Academy, do better.

Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Women

You may (or may not) have seen our Good Doctors Diagnose about the necessity of going beyond the limitations of reasonable accommodation. I was delighted to see this take on pregnancy done by my favorite weekend news program Sunday Morning. We can do better protecting women in the workplace.

The African American Women’s Canon

Announced on the birthday of the great Zora Neale Hurston, The Zora Canon marks the 100 best books written by black women from 1850 to the present. It’s a resource we haven’t had until now, and I for one, can’t wait to get started. Check it out and get reading!

Trans Rights Are Human Rights

In rather obscure UK news over the holidays, there was an ongoing Twitter fight between groups of women who think (and don’t think) that transgender rights should be considered in the fight for women’s rights. Transgender women are women, and therefore, their rights are our rights. In light of this, I was delighted to find this article last week talking to 5 pro-trans feminists scholars.

Reclaiming Indigenous Land

As we often talk about here at AR, Indigenous history and ownership of what is now the United States is often written out of our history. When so many different Indigenous communities rely on a strong relationship with their land, this can be particularly problematic. I came across this article about a group of Indigenous women hikers who are reclaiming ownership of land through hiking. It’s a great story about their hike along Nüümü Poyo (now called the John Muir Trail).

That’s all I’ve got for this week. I wish you all a relaxing and restorative weekend! Dr. Kristen will be back next week – until then!

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