5 Friyays – January 22

5 Friyays – January 22

Well, there was a lot of things to think about this week, and a lot to celebrate. I was glad for a smorgasbord of choices for this week’s Friyays, so let’s crack on. 

This Reality

I respect that for many, many people, VP Harris is the opposite of their choice for the role. I understand their reasons and share some of them. HOWEVER. This photo shows why I still cried when she took the oath of office. Sometimes this country lived up to its potential and Wednesday felt like a day where we did.

Sea Shantys

Have you joined the evidently millions of us that can’t get enough of this movement? Or have you seen it trending and have no idea why? The Guardian has a great article that explains where it all came from, and what makes people love it. I’m told there are Shanty Antis, but I’m going to keep living in the fun of people making music together who will never meet in person.

Bernie Chair Memes

adore when the internet all finds joy in the same thing, and God Bless Bernie Sanders for bringing so much New England Grandpa Energy to the Inauguration that we’ve been having a blast. I have shared so many with friends, and howled at so many more – but here’s my personal current favorite.

Queen Ava Making Podcasts

Spotify announced yesterday that one of The Good Doctors’ favorite storytellers – and humans, tbh – has inked a deal with the streaming service to bring us more podcasts. Yeah, I know, can the planet possibly handle more podcasts? We’re going to find out.


Bring. On. Kate. Sheffield.

By the by, we start our Bridgerton coverage soon! Dr. Erin and I both come at the show as lovers of the books, and folks who enjoyed the show immensely, but we do have some notes. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss a moment!


How are you? Do you have things making you happy right now that we can all share in? A new book you found, or a candle that’s really lovely? We’d love to hear about it. In the meantime, wash your hands, wear those masks, and stay safe – wherever you are. 

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