5 Friyays: January 26

5 Friyays: January 26

Hellooooooo! Dr. Donnelly here with this week’s edition of Friyays. As I write this, the city of Philadelphia is enthralled with our Eagles, as they are Super Bowl bound! We haven’t had a championship in this city in 10 years and the Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl ever and I think we can all agree that everyone needs a little hope these days, so to say we’re all a little giddy is an understatement.

However, I promise to not include all Eagles content. Just one. Or two.

“We’ve Just Been Having Fun”

Coaching is clearly a huge part of sports, and our last head coach left a lot to be desired in the character development (and game winning) department. Coach Pedersen is a totally different story. He has led the familial development of the team, while always reminding them to have fun and have each other’s backs. For him, those are the keys to getting the job done. Something more leaders should consider, eh?

Underdogs Supporting Underdogs

The ultimate underdogs in the city of Philadelphia are our children in the school system. Underfunded and poorly run for decades, we have a lot of problems to fix with it and few seem willing to get their hands dirty. Few even seem willing to acknowledge we still have a school system or that it needs help. Chris Long – son to Howie and hero to all – remembers, though. This story – of how he and teammate Lane Johnson made sure the NFL did too – made me grin so big.

“We are here, we are a force, and you are nothing.”

Switching gears away from football, but staying on sports, you need to watch Aly Raisman’s video confronting her abuser.

For anyone unaware, Larry Nassar used his position as team doctor for USA Gymnastics to abuse scores of girls and young women for the last few decades. He was sentenced yesterday to 40-175 years in prison and the judge’s statements are also worth your time. If you’ve never read an impact statement before or heard the testimony of a survivor, I beg you to sit with Aly’s. It’s the video version of the brave Jane Doe from Stanford and we all need to keep these women’s voices in our minds.

Evangelicals and #MeToo

Moving away from sports but staying on sexual assault (this post is so much fun, eh?), I want to raise your attention to a situation in Memphis. If you’ve been around me at all for the past few months as #metoo and #timesup have come to the national narrative, you’ve heard me loudly add “pastors” and “church women” to the lists of industries where women are maligned and the groups of women who are survivors of sexual assault. This is not a popular narrative, but one I’ll keep pushing.

In terms of maligned industries, only 12% of pulpits in the United States are occupied by women. The idea of a woman leading a congregation is still intensely debated and that’s a whole other blog post (or webinar…) but what that means for our purposes is that the Christian narrative in the United States is controlled largely by men.

This story – about a particular church in Memphis that I’ve been following – demonstrates a lot of the apexes of this. This piece by NPR covers the basics well.

Dogs Hate Baths

Let’s leave on a reminder that joy still exists in this world, shall we? Please enjoy this video (that I have watched many times this week) of dogs avoiding baths.

That’s it from ARHQ – what’s got your attention this week? 

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