5 Friyays – January 29

5 Friyays – January 29

Hello, good people! We made it through another week and the first month of 2021. I’ll be honest the new year feels a lot like the old year, but we soldier on. For my Friyays this week I have a fab list, celebrating some truly wonderful news. Let’s uplift our spirits, shall we?

America Has Its Eyes on Amanda Gorman

Hamilton fans will see what I did there. Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman broke the internet after her remarkable poetry reading on January 20th. We learned many things about the brilliant young woman, least of all that she is a major fan of Hamilton. The pure joy on her face after getting a message from Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is what we all need more of in this world.

The World Will Have Its Eyes on Amanda Gorman

In further Amanda Gorman news this week, we learned she will be reciting a poem before the Super Bowl next month. It’s a remarkable opportunity for her, and given the NFL’s problematic history with racism, I’m kind of hoping she takes them to task. Either way, it will be beautiful and memorable, and I won’t be missing it. And then I’ll probably stop watching so I don’t have to see Tom Brady in yet another Super Bowl.

Indigenous Podcast Alert

Dr. Kristen and I get great information from podcasts, and there are many fabulous Indigenous ones out there. We’re delighted to see the growing popularity of the Red Justice Project podcast. The episodes drawn attention to the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous humans in North America by highlighting the stories of victims. Why not check out this great empathy builder during your next walk!

GLAAD Nominations for Christmas Movies

The nominations for the 32nd Annual GLAAD Awards dropped this week and The Good Doctors were over the moon to see two of the films they featured on their Christmas movie webseries make the cut. ‘The Christmas House’ and ‘The Christmas Setup’ were two of the most beautifully inclusive Christmas movies we’ve seen, and we’re so happy to see that hard work recognized through these nominations. You can find our discussions of these two holiday gems here.

Public Health Heroes

In yesterday’s news cycle I caught a truly uplifting story. As many of us know, the two main COVID vaccines can only be out of the freezer for a limited time before they expire. But what happens when there is a snowstorm? Traveling back from a mass vaccination clinic, health workers from the Josephine County Public Health department in Oregon got caught in a tough position when a semi jackknifed in a snowstorm, leaving them stranded with 6 remaining doses. The doses had only 3 hours left of shelf life, and so these intrepid humans made sure it was safe and proceeded to knock on the windows of other people stuck in the pile up, administering the remaining vaccines to interested folks. It’s a remarkable story of remarkable humans and it certainly lifted my spirits at the end of another long week!

That’s a wrap on my Friyays! I hope you are all safe and healthy and well and Dr. K will be back next Friday!

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