5 Friyays – January 31

5 Friyays – January 31

Happy Friday, all! I’m writing today’s post from my a dear friends house in Belfast. Dr. K and I are here for some work, visits, and general good fun! It’s Brexit day in this part of the world – which we at Abbey Research are not happy about. My list is a whole bunch of happy news that has nothing to do with that debacle.

Surprisingly Good Oscars News

For those of you that follow our Good Doctors Diagnose series, you’ll have seen Dr. Kristen’s thoughts on the lack of diversity in the Oscar nominations (or catch it here). We are happy to celebrate that the acclaimed Irish conductor Eímear Noone will be the first female conductor for the awards in February. At least there’s that.

Not Surprisingly Good Doctor Who News

We are both SUPER fans of the Who Universe, and we were delighted to hear that they included the first black (and female) doctor in their episode last week. The Doctor can be anyone, and it’s great to see the shows continued and full support of that.

I’m a Barbie Girl

The good people over at Barbie are continuing to work to make versions of the doll more representative of women (and men) all over the world. They recently announced dolls that are hairless and have vitiligo, as well as a doll in a wheelchair, in their latest series. It remains to be seen whether they’ve got the proportions right, but we’ll take the baby steps.

Everyone Loves Lizzo

In my YouTube journeys this week, I came across this hilarious video of actors of all stripes dramatically reading the lyrics to Lizzo’s ‘Truths Hurts.’ A true must watch.

Smaht Pahk

I’m not usually a fan of Super Bowl Ads, but it goes without saying that Hyundai hit this one out of the park. I have watched it multiple times already and the game hasn’t even been played.

That’s a wrap on my Friyays for this week! Dr. K will be back next week – happy weekend all!


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