5 Friyays: January 4

5 Friyays: January 4

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s Dr. Hinson back with my first Friyays list of 2019! I’m not a big celebrator of the new year, and don’t really truck with resolutions, more on that here, but I do love our weekly celebrations of what we find interesting, inspiring, or awesome. It was a slightly odd week, with a holiday on a Tuesday, and so I have a varied 5 Friyays – let’s get to it!

More Christmas Magic

Some of you dear readers may be aware that Dr. Donnelly and I spent a few weeks at the end of 2018 reviewing some Hallmark Christmas movies. While I did find some joy with the vast selection of Hallmark productions this year, I was quite surprised that the Lifetime network produced two of my favorite Christmas movies this season. While it’s true that they starred some Hallmark favorites, in general I found that ‘Christmas Pen Pals’ and ‘A Christmas in Tennessee’ had better dialogue, better chemistry, and more realistic sets than most of the Hallmark films I watched. Here’s a full list of what they released, and I certainly know I’ll be taking a harder look at their lineup for Christmas 2019.

Less Christmas Magic

I generally avoid political posts on my Friyays, but over the Christmas break, and coincidentally, the government shutdown, I read this article about the impact of a federal shutdown on Native reservations across the county. I find that our political discourse so very often forgets and neglects the millions of Native and indigenous people living across the country, and this was a stark reminder of the dark legacy of our governments interactions with the native population.

Hamilton Joy

I would like to counteract my previous Friyay, with some much needed Hamilton joy. The Kennedy Center Honors aired on CBS last week, and saw the creators of Hamilton honored in a new category of trailblazing. What a better way to start the new year than with this clip of the original Schuyler sisters singing one of my favorite songs from the musical. Aren’t we all looking for a ‘mind at work’?

Hockey Nerd Documentaries

I have frequently written about my love for ice hockey, and my hometown Pittsburgh Penguins specifically. One of my favorite parts of hockey season is the Penguins behind-the-scenes documentary series ‘In the Room.’ The series was born from our participation in an HBO documentary ’24/7 Road to the Winter Classic’ which aired in 2011 and followed the Pens and the Caps for the first few months of the season before their meeting in the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day. ‘In the Room’ continues the format of behind the scenes interviews, mic’d in game clips, and other insights into the life and work of professional sports. If you don’t love the Penguins, it might not be your cup of tea, but there are several editions of Road to the Winter Classic online that might tickle your fancy.

Ladies Who Write

I recently read a tweet from a woman who finally secured a publishing deal for her book. She shared her publishers excitement at her manuscript, and explained that they told her the majority of unsolicited book proposals they get every year are from white men. This comes as no surprise to me, and so in light of that I want to highlight some fabulous books written by ladies that landed in 2018. I’m not a big fan of year end lists, but I’ll make an exception for this one.¬†¬†Mashable put together a varied list – what a great opportunity to add some new voices to your 2019 reading list!

That’s my Friyays for the week that was! Dr. D will be up next week with her thoughts! Have a great weekend, wherever you are!

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