5 Friyays – January 8

5 Friyays – January 8

Hello! Dr. Kristen here and it’s Been a Minute since I was with y’all. Life is fun these days. In light of (gestures wildly) all this, this is entirely full of Things Making Me Happy. 


Are you on Instagram? Do you think it’s a trash fire? I’ll be honest, of all the social media platforms I’m on, Insta is one of my favorites. I have absolutely curated my feed within an inch of its life, so it’s full of my friends and their kids and their pets and their funny memes. This week, however, in looking for a particular book to recommend to someone who just finished Bridgerton, I stumbled upon a whole stream of bookstagrammers.

That’s right.

People who have entire Instagram accounts to TALK ABOUT BOOKS.

Friends, I have found my people.

So I started one, too (be warned: it’s entirely love-story centric), and I look forward to more chitter chatter with book lovers as I remain on my sofa for the foreseeable future.

Everyone Reading Julia Quinn’s Books

As my DMs filled with people who watched the show, and found out there were books, it appears everyone scrambled to their local libraries to get copies. Some of the books are 20-odd years old, though, and libraries only had one or two copies on hand. This led to the New York Public Library having a ten-year wait on The Duke and I at one point. As a lifelong lover of historical romance, that more people are being introduced to my favorites is making me so, so happy. I’ve adored offering recommendations these last several weeks (offer stands for anyone reading this – I love helping people find books they’ll love!), and I’m so glad there are so many excellent ones to offer. Book Riot has a good summary of the whole series, by the way, and would recommend that if you’ve already hoovered Quinn’s work, hop to Lisa Kleypas’ next.

Southern Biscuits in my Northern Kitchen

Goldbelly is an online service that allows us to order delicious food from local places all over the country, and it has gotten a lot of my money these past few months. My favorite order recently is biscuits from my favorite place in North Carolina, Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. My husband and I have a stash in the freezer now to break out whenever we need properly wonderful biscuits. Small luxury, but worth it.

Xbox Game Pass

It’s like Netflix for XBox games – we pay a flat fee per month and have access to over 100 games to play at our leisure. We’ve tried tons – they rotate in and out – and have found some true joys. We’re more willing to try independent games without any price penalty if they don’t work for us (we’ve bought the two independents that knocked our socks off, My Time in Portia and Slime Rancher), and I highly recommend it for anyone who is an Xbox.

The Popcast

As I grew up in the Evangelical subculture, there are whole swaths of pop culture references or knowledge that I never get to reference, because that wasn’t the lived experience of a lot of my friends now. Enter Knox & Jamie, who absolutely grew up like I did, and now enjoy most of the same things I do. Between their Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps, and their weekly shows on all sorts of topics, they fill a very specific void in my life. Who else can make Steven Curtis Chapman and Veggie Tales references while discussing the latest news with Hilaria Baldwin? These guys (and me). In the category of ‘Things That Make Me Happy’ right now, this podcast is laminated near the top.


How are you? Do you have things making you happy right now that we can all share in? A new book you found, or a candle that’s really lovely? We’d love to hear about it. In the meantime, wash your hands, wear those masks, and stay safe – wherever you are. 

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