5 Friyays: July 12

5 Friyays: July 12

Hello from Northern Ireland, where I am for a family wedding. This is also a fairly auspicious day in the wee province, but I won’t get into that, since it does not personally fall into my definition of ‘favorites’. What does, however, is the following. 

A Ticker-Tape Parade!

I watched with delight as the Women’s U.S. National Team clinched the World Cup title (first team to do it back-to-back!) for the fourth time this past Sunday and then again with delight as the ladies got a grand celebration in New York.

Also relevant to all of my interests was that New Jersey’s Own Carli Lloyd took the opportunity to shout out her roots and gave us a good ‘ol “Fly Eagles Fly” cheer!

Katherine Ryan’s Take on Hamilton

Katherine Ryan is one of my favorite comedians I encountered while living in the U.K. and this excerpt from her Netflix special explaining the problem with “Say No to This” from the 2nd Act of Hamilton is worth your time.

Adding to My Massive “To Be Read” List…

… is this article from Bustle that I found this week of 7 books about women’s history we weren’t taught in schools. At this point, I could read far into my next fourteen lives and never be finished.

Bridgerton Casting News!

Julia Quinn’s series set in Regency England about the sprawling Bridgerton family is one of my (and Dr. H’s) absolute favorites. Last year brought us the news that Shonda Rhimes had optioned it for Netflix and that was squee-enducing enough and now we’ve started to get casting news for the 2020 debut. All of these are delightful and I’m especially excited to see more from Nichola Coughlin of our beloved Derry Girls as she assumes the role of Penelope Featherington.

Our Incredible Commenters

Have you watched our Handmaid’s Tale recaps/rants? Over the last few seasons, we’ve had a bunch of absolute stars join us for our discussions and this season has been no different. Dr. Hinson and I both adore discussing complex topics (PhDs, after all) and to have so many lovely folks do it with us over this show has just been such a treat.


That’s all from me here in Northern Ireland. Dr. H will be back next week and we’ll both actually be in America!


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