5 Friyays: July 19

5 Friyays: July 19

Hi all! I’m not at all sure how we got past the mid point of July – but that’s where we are. Again faced with another difficult and depressing news cycle this week, I had to think about and find some joyful things for my Friyays. As always, it’s a mixed bag, but then again, so is life – so let’s crack on!

“Watching this is painful, but it’s necessary.”

I’ve already talked about the brilliant, powerful, moving, essential “When They See Us” which premiered on Netflix at the end of May. Netflix also produced an hour long special with Oprah Winfrey, the cast and director Ava DuVernay and the Exonerated Five – Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise, and Kevin Richardson. I watched it this week and it’s painful but necessary viewing.

A Queer Eye Puppy Makeover

I would like to follow my first Friyay up with pure joy. We all know my current obsession with all things Queer Eye and I found this lovely content yesterday. Antoni freaking out over the puppy gave me all the happy feelings.

Celebrating a Musical Legacy

At the end of last week, one of my favorite bands Frightened Rabbit released a 10th anniversary celebration of their seminal album ‘The Midnight Organ Fight.’ Originally set to release in 2018 (ten years after TMOF) ‘Tiny Changes’ was pushed to this year because of lead singer Scott Hutchinson’s suicide last May. Scott was heavily involved in the cover album concept, from choosing artists to being present for recordings. The result is 17 tracks (3 bonus covers) that showcase the brilliance of his lyrics, the talent of the band’s musicianship, and the enduring love that these bands/people had for both Scott and the songs. It’s been emotional for me to listen to the album – knowing that I will never get ‘new’ music from FR again – certainly not any with Scott’s trademark Scottish lilt. Here’s a review of the album if you’re interested – which is much more articulate about the impact than I’ve managed to be.

The Necessity of Period Tracking

We all know that I’ve been focused on gender data biases, especially since I read Caroline Criado Perez’s fab book ‘Invisible Women’ (and reviewed it for AR). I found this article about the need to understand and train around menstruation to be a fascinating angle in this ongoing issue. It’s about training, and diet, and planning – all of which are very important parts of a woman’s life – but also in this article, for a professional athlete.

Art Nerds Unite

Very recently a whole team of art restorers and preservers began the arduous and complex task of restoring Rembrandt’s masterpiece ‘Night Watch.’ I loved this article detailing how hard it’s going to be and I also love that the Rijksmuseum is live-streaming the whole process. One of my favorite parts of my undergraduate degree was having my lecturer, the sublime Ann Sutherland Harris, talk about visiting her friend when he was restoring the Sistine Ceiling. Also – ask Dr. Donnelly sometime about our experience in the Rijksmuseum in front of the ‘Night Watch’ – it’s a seminal part of our history.

Those are my Friyays for the week that was. I’ll be away next week and Dr. Donnelly will be taking the Friyays! Hopefully when I’m back from holiday I’ll have some good items for my list. Until then!

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