5 Friyays: July 20

5 Friyays: July 20

Hello everyone, it’s Dr. Hinson back here with my 5 top news bits for the week that was. You may have noticed that Dr. D did not contribute last week, but in fairness to her, she was literally on a plane half the week (and for all of Friday morning), so she sends her profound apologies and will return again next week with her trademark charm and wit! Cracking on with my list, I’ve plucked stories from all over, but they are all about women, so it should be a fascinating and diverse read (if I say so myself … which I do).

“There’s nothing stronger than a broken woman who has had to rebuild herself.”

The title for my first Friyay is an approximation of a quote from “Nanette” a 1 hour Netflix special from comedian Hannah Gadsby (look for our Hot(ish) Takes about it coming soon). My Friyay is not for “Nanette” but for the ‘Sister Survivors’ – victims and survivors of MSU and USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar. Last night at the ESPY Awards, they were given the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Survivor Sarah Klein call them “a portrait of survival and a new vision of courage.” Watching all those women, a fraction of the total number of survivors walk onto that stage is as sobering as it is powerful. Do yourself the service of watching all 10 minutes of their acceptance speech, for we all bear witness to their words and give space for their stories. USA Olympic Gold Medalist Aly Reisman encouraged other victims and survivors of sexual assault and abuse to speak out because “we may suffer alone, but we survive together.” We salute these amazing, remarkable, brave, and strong young women who have endured unspeakable violence and are finally (hopefully) finding some small measure of peace. (Missed our Hot(ish) Takes on this whole horrible scandal? Find it here.)

Rediscovered Joy

You all know that Dr. D and I are both avid readers. But this week I found myself a bit burnt out from reading and decided to revisit a web series adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I am a devoted Austen fan; however, P & P is not my favorite book (Persuasion is) but this quirky, delightful, modern series might be one of my all time favorite adaptations. Set as a vlog following the life and times of our protagonist Elizabeth Bennet, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a refreshing and engaging take on the timeless classic. The women are powerful, strong, and independent, and all of the main characters show growth, vulnerability, and humanity. I binged all 100 videos over the course of the week and was thoroughly entertained and uplifted all over again. There is a profound power in telling stories.

Revisiting Ireland’s Legacy of Incarceration

Ireland has a long history of incarcerating marginalized groups, from rebels against the Crown to unwed, pregnant women, and now, asylum seekers. I had the privilege of hearing from leading researchers on direct provision at a conference I attended in Belfast last October. It came into my life again when a friend recently shared this article, discussing a recent publication by a Nigerian-born woman, Melatu Uche Okorie, who spent 8 and 1/2 years in what was to be ‘temporary’ direct provision after seeking asylum in Ireland. It is a publication that I will certainly be picking up.

Melatu Uche Okorie. Image Credit: Avondhu Press

Ladies Who Lead the Film Industry

In our continued efforts to showcase leading, and often ignored, ladies in any industry, I bring you 25 Films Approved By Rotten Tomatoes and All Directed By Women from Buzzfeed. It’s a remarkable list of diverse filmmaking and filmmakers. Some I have seen and some I love but many I have never heard of, so I best get watching!

Ladies Who Officiate

Speaking of groundbreaking women, something very exciting happened at the beginning of the month. Two black women, Danielle Scott and Anjelica Suffren, became the first two women to co-officiate an NBA basketball game. Though it was not part of the regular season but an NBA Summer League game, it’s movement nonetheless. Scott was the first woman official to be hired by the NBA in 1997, so we salute her barrier breaking badass self!

That’s it for my all ladies 5 Friyays! Dr. D will be back next week with her top picks! Have a great weekend everybody!

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