5 Friyays: July 24

5 Friyays: July 24

Happy Friday, folks! Here’s some stuff I’ve noticed and have been thinking about this week.

Taylor Swift Drops Surprise Album

I’ve been wondering at what point in the pandemic we’d start getting secret projects dropped on us and by who – and by my memory, this is the first completely not rumored. I’ve listened a few times and it’s exactly my favorite kind of music, but I’m also endlessly amused by the cottage industry around Swift of analyzing her – like these from Bustle.


I have no idea if it’s safe, or if this is wise, or what, but my little Phanatic soul is happy. I’m also thrilled to see that MLB isn’t pretending the world is as it was when the last season ended. Here’s a roundup of how the first day went. 

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Speaks For A Lot of Us

If you haven’t seen this video, then I’d encourage you to take ten minutes and give it a watch, no matter how you feel about the woman herself. The points she makes about misogyny and what makes a decent man are IMPERATIVE for people to understand and nearly every woman I know has retweeted, reblogged, shared, etc. it with commentary about how she speaks for us. Being a woman is still a liability and decent men aren’t made by simply having daughters – decent men are made by the choices they make as men.

Recognizing Pioneers

The Ephrata Cloister  – located in Lancaster County, PA, which is in between myself and Dr. Erin – is a unique place. It was home to a mostly celibate religious community in the mid-1700s, like many others that dotted the North American countryside during that century and the one after that had… different religious views than organized denominations. This one is in the news because a researcher at the Library of Congress has unearthed evidence that the Cloister was home to the first female composers in America. HOW RAD!

Hallmark Takes a Another Step Towards Inclusion

It’s no secret we love Hallmark Christmas Movies around here – we cover them, create a bingo card for them – but we are also critics of them. They have a terrible track record of reflecting love in America in the 21st century, continuing to pretend that the only people who fall in love in December are white, straight, able-bodied, and Christian. They’ve taken a few halting steps towards racial diversity (with mixed results in terms of quality), religious diversity (the Hanukkah movie last year was more about Christmas than Hanukkah) – but now they’re taking a step at orientation diversity. We’ll be watching and hoping they’ve brought LGBTQ+ voices on board to pen the scripts.


That’s it from me this week – please take care of yourselves. Wash your hands, stay home, breathe deep, and remember this too shall pass because that’s what the laws of time and space dictate, but I get we feel far from that. 

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