5 Friyays: July 26

5 Friyays: July 26

Happy Friday from ARHQ, where it is blessedly an appropriate summer temperature and not the fecking surface of the sun like it was here in Philly last week. Climate change, man. It’s real. Anyway, I got a pretty varied line-up for you today so let’s get cracking.

Chocolate Cake: Guilt or Pleasure

There’s an old adage that goes around that when you show a picture of chocolate cake to someone who grows up in France, their word association is pleasure, or celebration, or sumptuous. Americans, however, we say something like we’d be guilty if we ate that, and we’d have to burn off the calories. Who knows if it’s true, but I do know that Americans have a TERRIBLE relationship with food. We don’t understand where it comes from, we don’t understand the consequences of our diets, we don’t understand what food our bodies run best on, we diet as punishment… y’all, it’s just not good.

The latest evidence of this imbalance is a set of plates that Macy’s was spotted selling this week. They’ve since pulled them, thankfully, but the amount of people that had to get through – between design, and budgeting, and production, and placement, and procurement – there were a lot of people who thought it was just fine. We have some work to do.

Nostalgia Hitting All the Feels

I have always been one of those people who loves the Top 10 Countdown videos and things – partly because I have fun remembering the past, and partly because I love popular culture, and partly because who knows. But this list over at Buzzfeed this week of 90’s kid things made me smile and go ‘oh my gosh!’ so often. I feel #21 in my soul.

Marvel Phase Four

It’s no secret that the Good Doctors are pretty big Marvel stans (I’m currently wearing a ‘Love You 3000 bracelet), so we were pretty excited to see what Phase 4 was going to be when Marvel President Kevin Feige announced it this past week at Comic Con. I’m excited for some properties I know nothing about (hey, Eternals, how are ya) and the expansion of one of my favorite characters from Phase 3 – Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, who is currently serving as King of Asgard while Thor flies around the universe with the Guardians. At the launch, Thompson announced that Valkyrie would be looking for her queen, launching a thousand think pieces on her being the first openly LGBTQ+ superhero in the MCU.* While Marvel has not always been great at representation – there are some business reasons behind that – once Feige was given the full reigns in 2014, things have been looking much more intersectional.

*I say “openly” because Carol Danvers’ best friend in the MCU is her wife in the comics, Tony Stark is canonically pansexual, Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers have subtext, and most Norse mythology doesn’t stick to Western definitions of sexuality, who knows how Thor identifies. Yes, I have thought about this a lot. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


Any Hamilton fans may know Jonathan Groff entirely from his role as King George III in the original cast, and subsequently as one of LMM’s close pals and frequent visitor to all the Ham4Ham videos in the summer of 2016. He’s also know for Glee, Mindhunter, and Frozen, but he’ll be back to the stage later this year with an Off-Broadway revival of Little Shop of Horrors. This musical is a damn good time and I just snagged tickets for one of his performances. Cannot waaaait!

More Books to Add to that Towering TBR Pile

I liked this list of books from Bustle on the history of reproductive rights in the U.S. A lot of great material in here – a few of which I’ve read, but most of which I just added to my towering list of books to read at some point when I finish the other four thousand books I’ve ended up with on my Kindle. No, I don’t have a problem, why do you ask?


That’s all from me on this Friday, folks. Have a great week and Dr. H will see you back here in August!

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