5 Friyays – July 31

5 Friyays – July 31

Happy Friday, all! Welcome to the end of yet another month (or decade as I have started calling them). This was one of those weeks – where even with the excess of horrible news – writing my Friyays came rather easily. I thought about adding President Obama’s eulogy of John Lewis, and decided against it, though you should watch every second. There’s a lot changing in our culture, and my list aims to reflect that diversity. Let’s crack on!

It’s Beginning to Look Like a LGBTQ Christmas

This week the Christmas movie factory that is Hallmark announced that for the first time they will have LGBTQ storylines in their Christmas romance movie juggernaut. Hallmark has been working on their OBVIOUS diversity problem, adding many films featuring characters of color, and we are thrilled to see them taking this important step toward more equal representation.

The 2020 Emmys #SoWhite (Still)

This week saw the announcement of the nominations for the 2020 Emmy’s. This night to celebrate the great accomplishments of TV and streaming services has long had a race problem. Clearly from this year’s pack, they are working on including and recognizing Black actors and artists. However, they still have a massive problem with Latinx representation. The work continues.

The Patriarchy is a Strong Drug

Last week I witnessed one of the most important political speeches of my life. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s speech on the House floor last Thursday was a sadly necessary and painfully detailed condemnation of cultural sexism and misogyny in our country. Much has been written about it, but Rebecca Traister’s take on the language used to report ‘disruptive’ women is a very important addendum.

Native Representation in the (Hockey) Battle of Alberta

Hockey is back! You knew it would end up in my Friyays, but perhaps not in the way you thought. I am overjoyed to see my beloved Penguins back for an attempt to safely complete the 2019-2020 season. With a series of preseason games on Wednesday, we saw an important NHL first. Edmonton Oilers defensemen Ethan Bear, a member of the Ochapowace Nation in southern Saskatchewan, acknowledged his Indigenous heritage with his nameplate bearing his family name in Cree. Racism is still a huge problem in the NHL, but symbolic steps are important.

Paul Rudd is Trending

During one of my daily checks on Twitter I saw that Paul Rudd – beloved, ageless actor – was trending. Obviously concerned, I clicked on the coverage to see what was what. I’m still not sure why he was trending, aside from his awesomeness, but in my search I found this video and it brought me much joy. Paul Rudd pretending to be a One Direction super fan is the happiness we all need to end this difficult week and month.

That’s a wrap on my Friyays this week! Dr. Kristen will be back next week – until then – be safe and well!



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