5 Friyays: July 6

5 Friyays: July 6

Aloha, dear readers! It’s Dr. Hinson here, returned from my travels (for now) and back with my top 5 items of interest for this week. It was a bit of an odd week with the 4th falling smack in the middle, but as ever we’re cracking away at work here at AR HQ in Pittsburgh. My list this week is compiled from some favorite items over the last month or so, so let’s get to it!

Founding Fathers Visit Pittsburgh

I came across this article this morning, and immediately slotted it into my Friyays. As you know, both Dr. Donnelly and I are MASSIVE fans of Hamilton the Musical, so colored me delighted to learn of his short but impactful trip to the city of bridges while he was Secretary of the Treasury. Other fascinating tid-bits include Washington’s many (failed) attempts to negotiate with the French and Franklin’s bankruptcy scare over 150 farm wagons. I loved this uniquely local way to celebrate the founding of our new nation.

An Artistic Wonder

A few weeks ago I had the rapturous pleasure of seeing “Loving Vincent” at the Row House Cinema. The film follows the aftermath of Vincent Van Gogh’s tragic death, through exploring 120 of his most famous paintings with a plot driven by letters written by the artist to his brother Theo. The catch is that the film was entirely handprinted by over 100 artists. It is visually spellbinding and pure magic. If you can’t catch it in cinemas, it’s available on iTunes and I cannot recommend it enough.

Welcome to Dr. Shaming

Dr. Donnelly and I have both experienced a lot of professional push-back and even discrimination as women with PhD’s, so reading this article in the New York Times last week came as no surprise. If anyone wants to understand how pervasive gender bias is on all levels, they merely have to peruse the comments on Twitter when a woman who has worked for an upper level degree is called ‘arrogant’ for recognizing her expertise, when the same accusation is never made toward a man. Sadly, I’m sure there are many examples of this across all fields, disciplines, and sectors.

Summer TV Joy

One of the many gifts Dr. Donnelly has given me is showing me episodes of the Fox hit summer show, So You Think You Can Dance. Dr. Donnelly speaks about the power of dance often on the blog and has written about her favorite routines from the show. I just love that for 1 hour per week I know I am guaranteed heartwarming stories, and fabulous dancing. Here’s my favorite from the auditions so far:

Summer Binging Joy

Now that all the regular TV shows are on hiatus, I often struggled to find shows to watch during the summer: enter Netflix. My favorite summer show from last year has returned for season 2, ‘GLOW.’ An acronym for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the show follows a rag-tag bunch of women, down on their luck as actors, and desperate for work. So they become a merry band of fake lady wrestlers. The show is hilarious, and engaging (and I don’t like wrestling, or fake wrestling), but most significantly it showcases strong, diverse, dynamic women.

That’s all I have for this week, Dr. Donnelly will be back with her own list next Friday!

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