5 Friyays: June 28

5 Friyays: June 28


Good day, dear readers! Today’s Friyays are brought to you by pain killers and a round of steroids as I was put in emergency dental surgery yesterday to fix an abscess I didn’t know I had. Lesson of the day? Something hurts in your mouth, please talk to a professional about it. So, apologies ahead of time if this is the loopiest Friyays ever. 

Rachel Chavkin’s Tony Acceptance Speech

The Tony Awards happened while I was on vacation, so I just watched them yesterday. Even knowing all of the winners, I was delighted that I watched the show because, well, the Tony’s are one of the few awards shows that really celebrates what’s happening. They don’t play off the speeches, which is how we got this gem from Best Director of Musical winner Rachel Chavkin – the only woman who directed anything on Broadway in the 2018-2019 season.

“The Next Ten Minutes Ago”

Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan are two of my favorite vocalists working today and I’ve gotten to see them both live. Dr. H and I are actually getting to see Jeremy do a full solo show in November and we’re a little beside ourselves with joy. Laura is best known for being Cinderella in Roger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway a few years ago (fun fact, she originated the role since it had never been on Broadway before 2013!) and Jeremy is known for … well, a lot of things at this point. Supergirl, Smash, Newsies, and he’s coming to Netflix this summer with American Son.

In this mashup of two classic theater love songs, both of their vocals are on great display and this recording has become a frequent soundtrack in my life.


LGBTQ Students at Baylor are Warriors

I have a lot of feelings about my alma

matter, which I’ve never been quite secret about. The latest thing that’s getting my goat is the administration’s staunch refusal to allow a registered LGBTQ+ student group on campus. The Texas Tribune covers it here and Dr. Doug Weaver of the Baylor Religion Department explains really well why this decision is stupid – both theologically and historically – in this op-ed. Let me be clear: if someone cannot square queerness and Christianness, it is because their interpretation of Scripture is preventing it, not Scripture itself.

Speaking of…

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which is a huge part of why we celebrate Pride Month in June. If you’re unfamiliar with the history surrounding this occasion, I’d recommend going through the American Experience documentary on it. The first chapter is included below.

I Can’t Risk You’ve Haven’t Seen This

At the MTV Movie Awards earlier this summer, Lizzo performed her absolute jam “Juice” and did so in the style of Whoopi from Sister Act 2 and this video is joy.


That’s all from my sick bed this week, y’all. Dr. H will be back next week with the first Friyays of July. Until then, may you find joy and hope in the midst of life and if you have any extra cash, can we recommend you throw some here


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