5 Friyays: March 15

5 Friyays: March 15


Hey all! It’s Dr. Hinson here with my 5 Friyays for the week of St. Patrick’s Day! The Good Doctors are in Pittsburgh for some work, but are also going to celebrate Ireland’s biggest holiday together tomorrow! I’ve got a crackin’ (and decidedly not-Irish list) of Friyays for this week, but I wanted to start with perhaps not a Friyay, but a very important announcement all the same.

It’s Paddy, not Patty and other requests

Every year, a small (but growing) contingent of Irish and Irish-Americans start making a series of announcements prior to St. Patrick’s Day. Since I am one of those aforementioned Irish-Americans, before you venture out to the closest ‘Irish’ pub for the festivities this weekend, I have a few things for you to consider. 1. has to do with what Americans call the holiday (see the below graphic). It’s St. Paddy’s Day or Paddy’s Day, or St. Patrick’s Day, not anything with the variety of Patty or Pat. Patrick comes from the Irish name Padraig, and thus Paddy’s derives from that, not from Patricia. 2. Don’t drink green beer (I never saw a pint of it the 5 years I lived there), it’s a silly gimmick, nothing more. Find an Irish beer to drink, with the marketing campaign behind Guinness, it’s not hard. 3. On the subject of drink, please DO NOT order Irish Car Bombs. The drink exists only in America because car bombs in Ireland are actual bombs that explode cars. It’s mostly a thing of the past but there have been a number of car bombs in recent years, including one this January that came very close to killing a group of young people walking past. Car bombs injured and killed hundreds of people in Northern Ireland, so don’t order the drink. It’d be like ordering a drink called The Twin Towers, or one called an IED. Might I suggest the delightful Baby Guinness shot if you are so inclined. 4. Don’t pinch people who aren’t wearing green. It’s not Irish, Irish people don’t do it. More importantly, touching complete strangers should always start with consent. So if you must be a pincher, ask people first. It’s the much less harmless but still equally invasive equivalent of slapping someone’s arse. Just because it’s Paddy’s Day, doesn’t mean you get to go around touching people without asking. Bearing all those cultural considerations in mind, please enjoy a fun, festive, and safe Paddy’s weekend!

The First All-Women Space Walk

We love to talk about women who lead and persevere in every field on this green earth. To start this year, we’ve had several posts and blogs about astronomers, pilots, and astronauts from around the world. So, it was welcome news to see that the first ever all-women space walk is set to take place at the end of the month. The walk was not scheduled to intentionally coincide with Women’s History Month – but we think it’s awesome all the same!

Lesser Known Women-Led Protests

Though International Women’s Day comprised Dr. D’s Friyays last week – we celebrate women all the time here at Abbey Research. I wanted to include this fascinating article from the WaPo on 8 women-led protests in history. It’s empowering to see that women have always led the way in fighting for change and equality.

Speaking of Women Protesting

I’m sensing an unintentional theme in my Friyays this week, but I’m going with it. Last Friday, intentionally on International Women’s Day, 28 members of the USA National Women’s Soccer team sued the United States Soccer Federation for gender discrimination. This article shares the stories of remarkable women athletes who fought and fight for access and equality. Also – if you want to learn more about gender-based discrimination, check out our review of “RBG” (the documentary on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg) later today and catch the superb documentary on Hulu.

Speaking of Documentaries

Here’s a great opportunity to support Indigenous filmmakers and stories! Check out the documentary “Mankiller” – the story of Wilma Mankiller, the first woman to be elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. For anyone running Women’s History Month events, this would be a great film to share with your audiences!

That’s all for my 5 Friyays for this week. Aside from my rather long Paddy’s Day soapbox, we’re still enjoying celebrating women this month! Dr. D will be back next week – until then dear readers!


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