5 Friyays: March 27

5 Friyays: March 27

Hello, dear readers. As ever during this horrific pandemic, I hope wherever you are reading this you are as safe and as well as possible. With the news dominated by Coronavirus coverage, it’s been hard to find happy news or things to celebrate. We’re all finding different ways to cope. My list this week are some things that have helped me cope in the last week. I hope they might bring you some joy.

Any fans of Jane Austen?

Last weekend my mother and I had an ‘Emma’ weekend. We had planned to see the 2020 adaption in theaters. Since the theaters have closed, Focus Features released a number of their films for early renting online. Now some might have balked at the $19.99 rental fee, but since that’s less than what it would have cost us to see it in cinemas, we took the plunge. As Emma adaptations go, it was delightfully enjoyable – with some truly fun performances. It’s a big story to squeeze into a feature length film, so it is jumpy and the characters are more caricatures than real people, but I still had fun. My favorite adaptation (which we watched the following night) is the 2009 BBC adaptation (still on Hulu till the end of the month). I’ve included trailers for both – should they tickle your fancy – it’s pretty good escapist streaming.

A Little Hope from The Doctor

Like many people, I am finding comfort in the appearance of celebrities providing content for our entertainment. Yesterday, I was delighted to see Jodie Whitaker don her Doctor outfit and send an emergency transmission to Earth for all us worried humans. Her message is succinct and vital: be kind, tell bad jokes, and listen to Doctors.

Revisiting Tiny Desk Concerts

I was saved last Friday by spending most of the day working and listening to NPR’s series Tiny Desk Concerts. It’s a great, wee venue, that allows artists to strip down their work. There’s a fabulous collection of mini-concerts, which definitely lifted my spirits.

The Tonight Show – Home Edition

I stopped watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon years ago, but I find myself comforted and entertained by his Home Editions this week. He’s doing interviews with celebrity friends, all in aid of organizations who desperately need our attention and help. He’s spoken with John Legend, Niall Horan, Trevor Noah, and The Good Doctors personal favorite human Lin-Manuel Miranda. Plus there are some hilarious videos with his adorable children.

Captain Picard to the Rescue

Whether or not you’re on Twitter, one of the recent joys for me has been Sir Patrick Stewart reading a Shakespearean Sonnet everyday. We certainly hope he won’t have to go through them all while we’re in lockdown, but it’s 1 1/2 minutes of joy in the middle of each of these weird, long, tiring days.

That’s everything I have for this Friday. Be safe, be well – speak to you soon!

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