5 Friyays – March 5

5 Friyays – March 5

How are you? I’m … okay. I’m afraid to use any other word because it would feel disingenuous. 


‘Girlhood Explained’

I found this amazing NPR article about a new book called ‘Girlhood: Teens Around the World in Their Own Voices’ that I’ll be getting a hold of as soon as I can. The author, Masuma Ahuja, wanted to give girls a chance to tell their own stories and I could not love this any harder if I tried. I remember being a teenager so vividly and feeling like no one could really speak for me because no one really knew my life since I was such a unique individual. (Spoiler: I both was and wasn’t, as is the case with all humans.) I love the focus on the celebration and elevation of international and intersectional voices, and wanted to draw your attention to this asap!

Crash Course

Much like most fiction reading humans in the early 2010s, I’ve read a lot of John Green’s works and I did love Fault in Our Stars. Since then, he and his brother have started this incredible YouTube channel that I’ve watched on and off throughout the years. While we were doing research on Japan this week for upcoming Colonizer’s World Tour coverage, I was reminded of its brilliance and just in case you don’t know about it – I wanted to make sure you did too.

Hillsong Scandal

Am I following this? Of course I am. There are so many issues with celebrity – but the issues with celebrity pastors is even more fraught. Celebrity often involves some level of deification – a placing of people on moral or ethical pedestals (we don’t do this with everyone: see the entirety of Bravo) – and when we add in someone who is actually supposed to point others to legitimate deity. Ortberg and Willow Creek is another version of this, but even more painful because it involves abuse and coverups that go beyond affairs. Anyway, I’m still watching and processing and if anyone wants a Hot(ish) Take on pastor scandals, let me know.

Women’s History Podcasts

Looking to up your history game via podcast listening? Would you like to focus on ladies? This Bustle article lists some of my favorite pods (History Chicks, FTW!) and some I’ve never heard of (quickly texts speaking coach the list to see if I should apply to some) but they all seem like a grand plan for your earholes.

In The Heights

I’m here to inform or remind you that THIS GLORY will be with us in July.


How are you? Do you have things making you happy right now that we can all share in? A new book you found, or a candle that’s really lovely? We’d love to hear about it. In the meantime, wash your hands, wear those masks, and stay safe – wherever you are. 

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