5 Friyays: March 6

5 Friyays: March 6

Hello from ARHQ, where I’ve been reading a lot about women as we kick off Women’s History Month. Got a few fun news items for you here, so let’s get cracking.

Wharton Gets a New Dean

Wharton Business School recently announced that Dr. Erika James would become Dean of the prestigious business school on June 1. Dr. James is an accomplished scholar and leader in the business community and we are excited to see what intersectional innovations she’ll bring to both Philadelphia and the world!

Women on Corporate Boards

A while back, California passed a quota regarding the percentage of women on corporate boards of directors. NPR did a quick follow up this week and found that the seats are, in fact, getting filled.

Architecture’s Pritzker Prize

This year, what we’re told is the most prestigious award in architecture went to two Irish women. Dublin-based Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara won for their work that includes the offices of the Department of Finance and Parnell Square Cultural Quarter in Dublin. Only three women have won the Pritzker in the history of the prize, so we’re especially enthused that these two women were awarded for their work.

Radical Authenticity

This one violates the Friyays rules a little, since it’s not something we can reference or link you to, but this past Saturday we went to 54 Below to see Jeremy Jordan perform a cabaret show. 54 Below is a supper club in Manhattan that specializes in creating intimate concerts with fabulous musicians and we’ve gotten to go a few times. Dr. Erin and I love Jordan as a performer, so we were expecting the normal fare of some great showtunes, a few pithy stories, and some jokes.

What we got was something else entirely.

In an exercise of radical authenticity, Jordan instead walked us through some of most traumatic life moments and how they shaped who he was as a performer, a man, and a new father. He addressed the show to his 10-month-old daughter, telling her/us later that he felt safe talking to her when strangers overwhelmed and scared him. There were still songs – he opened with a rendition of “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine that I’m still thinking about – but it wasn’t as much a performance as it was an invitation into someone’s story. And man what a privilege it was.

Here’s Jordan singing a song from “Waitress” at an event a few years back so you can hear his talent. As you watch/listen, think about what inviting someone into your story would look like this week.

KLAXON: The Dixie Chicks are BACK.

And holy hell, are they.


That’s it from me this week – Dr. Erin will be back next week with more food for thought! 

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