5 Friyays: May 11

5 Friyays: May 11

Greetings, all! It’s Dr. Hinson here with my list of 5 favorites new stories from the week that was. It’s been a busy week here for us at Abbey Research but a couple fun stories caught my eye and were worthy enough to make the list!

Flower Power

As I often discuss, I am a die hard (pun intended) Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Since my team was eliminated this week by our hated rivals the Washington Capitals (not on my Friyays list), I am now rooting for the Vegas Golden Knights, along with the rest of the city of Pittsburgh. The last time an expansion team made the Cup finals was 50 years ago, so it’s a big deal that this week they made the Western Conference Finals. One of the reasons for their success is their goaltender Marc Andre Fleury (known as Flower) who up until the expansion draft, was the goaltender for the Pens, helping us to 3 Stanley Cup victories. He is as beloved in Vegas as he is in Pittsburgh and is one of the nicest people to every play the beautiful game. Flower is playing lights out hockey and I would LOVE to see him be the only player to make the three-peat happen!

“Immigrants, we get the job done!”

This oft-quoted line from Hamilton (have we mentioned that we saw it?) came to mind during a phenomenal piece on CBS Sunday Morning about the popularity of low-rider bikes in Compton, CA as a cultural expression of the Mexican/Latinx immigrant community. Art is transformative, and I learned so much from this story, especially about Manny Silva’s artistry.

Remembering Fenton 

Sometimes I just decide that abject silliness needs to be a part of my Friyays and so I’ve chosen this video I first saw in 2012 while living in Ireland. It is a short story about a man and his dog, Fenton, who decides to chase a heard of deer through a park (mind the language). It makes me laugh, every time. You’re welcome.

Dystopian Satire

I am big fan of satire, especially when it helps us get through trying realities. Women in Ireland are facing an uphill battle, currently, to gain more autonomy over their pregnant bodies. On the 25th of this month the island will vote on a referendum to abolish the 8th Amendment, which among other things, criminalizes abortions even in cases of rape, fatal fetal abnormalities, or instances where the mother would die during childbirth. In light of this, and the release of Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Talemy favorite satirical online newspaper published this article. Harsh? Yes. But I chuckled along at the dark humor, which the Irish are known for.

The Lesser Known Austen

Back to happy thoughts. I am a MASSIVE Jane Austen fan, and have been for many years. Persuasion is my favorite book, but I identify most with Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. My favorite adaptation is a tie between the 2007 BBC film Persuasion and the 2009 BBC mini-series Emma. Most of my favorite characters fall into the lesser known category, like Anne Elliot, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Woodhouse, and Mr. Collins, so I was delighted to see this article by Priyanka Chavda. We all connect with different characters in the written word, and for my money, we spend way too much time talking about Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.





That’s a wrap on my 5 Friyays for the second week of May. Dr. Donnelly will be back with you next week. As always, comment below with thoughts or comments based off my list or share with us what caught your eye this week!

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