5 Friyays: May 29

5 Friyays: May 29

Time for some truth. Dr. Kristen here and I don’t have anything making me say ‘yay’ this week. I’m tired. I’m tired of confusing leadership, of black bodies paying the price for white perceptions of safety, I’m tired of assumptions that working from home is safe for everyone, I’m tired of assumptions that working from home isn’t productive, I’m tired of it all.

So here’s my five tips for survival right now. 

Limit Screen Time As You Can

A lot of us are spending more and more time staring at screens – and we’re used to having screen time as more leisure than professional. So read paper books, do crafts, stand outside for five minutes and stare at grass. Step away from screens as you can – your body and stress level will have an easier time recalibrating each night.

Breathe Intentionally

Like, if you’re alive, you’re breathing. So what I mean is to focus on that breath – slow down and slow your breath and focus on breathing. It’s incredible the physiological responses we have to focusing on our breathing.

Eat Whatever You’re Craving That You Can Find

You want grilled cheese? Go for it. Craving chia seeds? Sounds great. Your local has your favorite flavor of ice cream you never get – friends, the world is on fire, eat the ice cream.

Avoid Things That Make You Cry/Scream/Stare Numbly Into the Void As You Can

We cannot avoid things that cause grief, but neither do we have to marinate in them. We – as in Dr. Erin and myself – feel that being informed is important, but so is not absolutely cracking under the pressure of consuming everything. The systems we’ve put in place to help us find that balance are not perfect – we have good days and bad days, but we know that being intentional about the balance is key. Find that balance – you can do it.

Whatever You Are Going Through, The Only Way Is Through – So Make Sure Your Travel Companions Are Ready for the Journey

None of us are only dealing with the pandemic right now because life keeps happening. The only way through this is through, as the old adage goes, so the best tip I can give you is to make sure that the folks walking with you are good ones. Do they let you be in pain or do they tell you that pain is invalid or silly? Do they seek to comfort? In hiking terms, are their boots broken in or are they trying to do this in flip flops? Find your people and hold tight. We need each other right now.


That’s it from me this week – please take care of yourselves. Wash your hands, stay home, breathe deep, and remember this too shall pass because that’s what the laws of time and space dictate, but I get we feel far from that. 

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