5 Friyays: May 17

5 Friyays: May 17

Happy Friday, friends and neighbors! I have good news and bad news. Bad news first; my week was still hard. I am creeping closer to vacation and I can feel the need for rest in my bones. Combine that with some hefty adulting and the world at large, and my soul feels heavy. Good news is that I had breaths of joy this week that I am so grateful for. Some of which will be in my Friyays! I thought a lot about activism and art this week, and how we use art to tell stories. Several of my items were driven by those musings. One was driven entirely by my stomach. Onwards!

Graduation Cap Decorating for Gun Reform

When I was in high school, we were not allowed to decorate our caps, nor was it really a thing, but I love seeing all the creativity of the youths these days. Instagram has been filled with ones themed from Hamilton, Waitress, Wicked and other musicals, as well as Harry Potter and the MCU. My favorite, though, was this one:

Gina Warren’s QR code. When scanned, it directed users to a website with a list of all the students who can’t graduate high school due to gun violence. She’s been praised on social media for the act, and we join in that praise!

New Music Friday

I’m a big fan of YA author Nicole Yoon and one of her books – The Sun is Also a Star – has a big screen adaptation hitting theaters today. The story of teenagers from two different immigrant communities in NYC that fall in love over the course of a day, music is a central element to the story. This article from Bustle shows that the music direction on the movie took inspiration from the characters and made sure the music tapestry was from immigrants or international artists as well.  I’ve already been streaming the soundtrack and found a few tracks to add to my ‘constant playlist’ on Spotify.

Speaking of New Music…

Do any of you know about NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts? They among my favorite musical things – stripped back versions of songs I love and have never heard of, performed at a – you guessed it – tiny desk in the NPR offices. Each year, they sponsor a contest to discover an unsigned singer/songwriter and this year’s winner is Quinn Christopherson with his song ‘Erase Me’. While it is not my exact musical tastes, I still can’t seem to stop listening to it. The lyrics are haunting, as is Christopherson’s voice, as is evidenced in the clip below.

Gummy, Sugary, Soury Goodness

Dr. H and I are huge fans of gummy candies and consider ourselves connoisseurs, if we’re honest. Among our favorites are Haribo Tangfastics, Marks & Spencers Percy Pigs, and my newest entrant into the category, Twizzlers Sour Mini Twists. Y’all. THESE ARE SO GOOD. My brother and I were on a business trip together this week, and managed to scarf a whole bag while watching the Phillies on the hotel TV. If you enjoy sour, chewy candy, keep an eye out for these. We got them at CVS, as a point of fact. In the Friyays subcategory of “things making us happy this week” – these are near the top of my list.

And Now, This

The things making me incandescently mad this week are public: the Game of Thrones penultimate episode, which Dr. Hinson and I have ranted about for no less than six hours to each other, the laws getting passed in various U.S. states restricting women’s access to healthcare, the reminders that Northern Ireland is even more restrictive, the continual and devastating effects of climate change on the world’s poorest countries… and on and on and on.

The small things that have been part of my discipline of hope this week have been private: conversations had in a golf cart as I delivered snacks and Gatorade to participants in a charity golf event, holy moments around tables in an Italian restaurant in Charleston, S.C., with people who have become family seemingly overnight, quiet smiles sent between my husband and I over dinner last night. Moments that grounded me and reminded me that all the noise is terrible, but it is not all there is.

I probably know the loud and public things in your world, or at least some of them. My departing hope for you in this Friyays is that you’re taking time to cultivate your private moments of hope and joy. If I can put on my social worker hat, as we affectionately call it around here, I remind you to find rest in the midst of your noise. May one of your Friyays each week be one that grounds you in the reality that we live in the already and the not yet – what we see may be horrible, and what is coming may require really hard work, but neither one is all there is. The world is as complicated as people are, and as full of bruised and beautiful hope as well. As much as you can, choose hope as you breathe through the pain of living. In the list of things I’d like to call your attention to this week, a reminder to take care of your hope is top of my list.


That’s all from me this week, y’all. Dr. H will be back next week as we wrap up May – WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE HOW IS IT ALMOST JUNE – so she’ll see you then! 



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