5 Friyays: May 18

5 Friyays: May 18


Dr. Donnelly here with this week’s Friyay coverage. It was mostly a quiet week around ARHQ and The Good Doctors were busy putting plans into motion for surprises coming your way later in the year. I read a lot and so we’re light on videos this week, but don’t worry – there is some MeghanMania mixed in for good measure. 

How to Watch The Royal Wedding

Including the option of “avoiding all together”, NPR’s Linda Holmes has rounded up all the options of how to deal with tomorrow’s Royal Wedding. The Good Doctors will most likely be choosing the BBC America option, so that we can get the BBC One coverage we’d be enjoying if we were snuggled in our our houses in Belfast. I have some pals coming round, and our morning will be complete with tiaras and champagne. An American Princess (Duchess)! Five-year-old Kristen cannot contain herself!

Legal Lesson from a Rape Trial

You may remember that many moons ago, we did a Hot(ish) Take on a rape trial which occurred in Belfast. On the public policy discussion website Slugger O’Toole, activist and leader of Belfast Feminist Network Kellie Turtle published her thoughts on the legal lessons which can be learned. As always on Slugger, the comments are… illuminating.

Finding Healing in Stories

Over at Publisher’s Weekly, Robin Lovett published her argument that romance novels were a key part of her recovery from trauma. I’ve done research on the power of romance novels – guaranteed happily ever afters, bounded hope, mandatory consent, and the centralization of women’s voices – as part of women’s personal sexual health education and so much of what Lovett wrote here collaborates my research. Hope is healing, y’all.

Meghan’s Baptism

We all know I’m a sociology of religion nerd – that’s what the PhD really means. How people interact with institutionalized religion and its traditions fascinates me. So, this caught my eye. It was a reported a little bit ago that Meghan Markle was recently baptized and confirmed in the Church of England – which may seem really odd to a lot of people. The Washington Post broke it down in this article.

Meghan the Feminist

My husband used to watch Suits, and so I’ve known about Meghan Markle for years before she was in the public eye the way she is now. This video is a great encapsulation of why I’ve been a fan of hers for a while.

That’s is from ARHQ: Philadelphia this week. Dr. Hinson will be back next week with more gems. In the meantime, drop a comment to let us know what should be in our eyeballs this week!

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