5 Friyays: May 24

5 Friyays: May 24

Hey all! It’s Dr. Hinson back with my 5 Friyays for the last full week in May! Still not sure where 2019 has gone – but we keep marching on into the Summer. Some really cool things happened this week, so it wasn’t too difficult to find my 5 Friyays. Let’s get on with it!

Let’s Go Blues!

We’ve broken a lot of winless streaks in sports lately (mostly in baseball) but they always make for exciting stories and teams to root for. Though my beloved Penguins got knocked out early, I’m still following the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, and could not have been more excited on Tuesday night to see the St. Louis Blues win the Western Conference Championship and advance to their first Stanley Cup Final in 49 years. Yep, the Blues joined the league in 1967 – making it to the finals in their first 3 seasons, but never again. They’re they oldest active team never to win the Stanley Cup. To make it even more fun, when they were last in the finals in 1970 they played the Boston Bruins – who they will meet in Game 1 of the Finals on Tuesday. Check out the highlights from their Game 6 win this past Tuesday and tell me that fan base doesn’t deserve the Cup!

Finding The Voice.

I kind of fell into watching The Voice this season. One day I left NBC on and caught the hilarious banter between the judges and enjoyed the Blind Auditions. I kept with it all season, even though it seemed super rushed (*cough, cough* Game of Thrones). Maeylyn Jarmon was crowned the winner on Tuesday night – and America could not have been more right. She’s got one of the best, clearest, voices I’ve ever heard, and since that’s what the show is about, her win was appropriate. Here’s her original song, which I can’t stop listening to. Plus I also had to include her duet with Sarah McLachlan singing ‘Angel’, which is just PERFECT.

Our Watch Has Ended

With the series finale of Game of Thrones on Sunday night, I would be remiss not to include something GOT related in my Friyays. Dr. Donnelly and I had mixed feelings about how it all went down, as did most of the viewing audience. Dr. Donnelly and I had a good aul behind the scenes rant about it on Monday morning and took some time to process our emotions after investing 9 years in the show. There are endless recaps, and analysis, and breakdowns to sift through but the ones I enjoyed most this season had to be the NPR recaps by Glen Weldon. You can find his recap of the finale here and go from there. Suffice to say, people will be fine-tooth-combing this series for years to come. I accept how it ended, but I won’t ever be able to say I’m 100% happy about how we got there. But then again, that is a rarity in TV shows. Valar Morghulis.

Reconciling (and Atoning) For Our Past

This past week Maine became the first state to ban the use of Native American symbols, names, and images for school mascots. This historic piece of legislation was spearheaded by Maulian Dana, a tribal ambassador for the Penobscot Nation. This is a long time coming after centuries of violence, abuse, and erasure of Native tribes from the American landscape. Growing up in Colorado, I was fortunate enough to learn early on the true history of the American West, and the horrifying legacy of our national policy of ‘Manifest Destiny.’ My own high school was embroiled in a mascot controversy when local tribes eventually succeeded in having our mascot changed from the disgustingly racist ‘Eaglebeak.’ If you want to learn even more about the decimation of Native America, I cannot recommend highly enough David Treuer’s book ‘The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee: Native America from 1890 to the Present.’ Returning to the mascots, this article outlines how a 2005 report from the American Psychological Association called for the immediate removal of all Native mascots, symbols, images, and personalities. The report stated that: “These mascots are teaching stereotypical, misleading and too often, insulting images of American Indians. These negative lessons are not just affecting American Indian students; they are sending the wrong message to all students.” The report is almost 15 years old and our progress to right these wrongs is slow. I write this in hope that more states will soon follow in Maine’s footsteps and begin to recognize that Native symbols, images, and ideas are not ours to appropriate, manipulate, and misrepresent.

Speaking of: Native Representation Matters

This week I also learned about the first Native American woman to lead a TV series. ‘Chambers’ premiered on Netflix at the end of April and stars Sivan Alyra Rose. The show not only features loads of Native actors, but the plot line is a ‘Get Out’ inspired flip on horror scripts where the usually the POC is the scary, unknowable other. In Chambers, the white people represent the weird and the strange, as the main character finds herself thrown into their world, far away from her life and culture. I haven’t seen the show, and I might not because I’m not a big horror fan – but it sounds fascinating, especially from this review, and it’s great to see roles and representation for Native actors and stories. There are a lot of stories out there to tell, here’s hoping this starts a new trend towards exploring them. Here’s the trailer so you can decide for yourself.

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Dr. D will be back next week with her Friyays! Happy weekend everybody!


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