5 Friyays – November 20

5 Friyays – November 20

Hey all! Dr. Erin back with you again. Sometimes I know finding my Friyays list is like pulling teeth, but not so this week. My list came fast and easy – which was a pleasant surprise given the state of the world. It’s a pretty celebratory collection, so let’s not delay any longer. 

In Defense of Romance Novels

We’ve been talking about the new Netflix series Bridgerton SO much in our Friyays. Dr. Kristen and I have even started our own book club to re-read the series. In my near constant search for content, I came across this EW article and I loved it. It explains the development of the show, and why we should all (if we haven’t already) reconsider the genre of Romance Novels. They are basically Hallmark movies, but with sex – and I would not have survived 2020 without them.

Breaking MLB Gender Barriers

At the end of last week, we got the announcement that Kim Ng was named the first woman GM in MLB. She’s a 30-year veteran of the league, but her new position for the Miami Marlins makes her the highest ranking female in baseball. I learned my love of baseball from my Mom, so we’re both delighted to see this important step in representation.

Olivia Coleman is a Queen

This blog is an Olivia Coleman stan account. While we aren’t SUPER fans of the character she has to play on The Crown (it’s not as fun), a new season means new press. Thus, I present this delightful video with her and Emma Corrin, full of swear words and nonsense – the best bits of Olivia.

Suffrage Podcast Alert

We’re big fans of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission and all the great content they’ve produced during the 100 year anniversary of the 19th Amendment. They’re not done yet and just this week announced a new podcast. This one details the long and complicated relationship between two of America’s best known suffragists – Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. I cannot wait to learn more!

The Marvel Crossover of My Dreams

Over the past few weeks I’ve experienced such joy all because of a few Instagram videos. This article tells the whole story but in short, we learned that Robert Downey Jr. is a Steelers fan. After Cam Heyward sent Iron Man a game jersey, Iron Man sent Cam Heyward an Iron hand. Nerd Erin and Sports Erin collided and almost combusted with giddiness. Here we go Steelers – with Iron Man on our side, we’re damn near invincible.

Bonus Friday – More Cute Crown Content

During my time on the YouTube this week, I found this second video of adorable Crown-ness. Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin are delightful and so is their Game of Games. You’re welcome world.

That’s a wrap, folks. Dr. Kristen will be back next week – be safe and be well!

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