5 Friyays: November 30

5 Friyays: November 30



HOW IS IT ESSENTIALLY DECEMBER?! I don’t understand. This year feels both 300 years long and gone in the blink of an eye. Alright, I should get on with the Friyays instead of opining about the nature of time. I got off my final flight for 2018 last night, so today really is my thanksgiving. Anxious to be home with my family for the next few weeks as we observe advent – plus we have framily coming in for a big wedding and I can’t wait for time with them either! So, since my life is a lot about anticipation right now, I thought my Friyays should reflect that. 

Olivia Coleman Needs the Shipping Forecast

Dr. Hinson and I are getting very hyped for Netflix’s 3rd season of The Crown. We’ve recapped the first two seasons episode by episode and we’ll be doing the same treatment for the third. This season heralds a new cast, for everyone is getting older, and we’ll be firmly in the 60s. Vanity Fair sat down with Olivia Coleman – starring as Lizzie herself – to talk about the upcoming season and the whole article is a damn delight.  My favorite tidbit was that Coleman had a really hard time not emoting during some of the scenes – which the Queen cannot and does not do – so the crew had to slip an earpiece in for her to listen to the BBC shipping forecast. I HOWLED at that. For anyone who doesn’t know, the shipping forecast is the best way to fight insomnia or calm crying babies. The soothing is real.

I’m Not Ashamed of My Love for Lin

Both Dr. Hinson and my husband refer to Lin-Manuel Miranda as my boyfriend. It’s not weird, I promise. I’m just kind of… super glad we occupy the planet at the same time. I am beyond ready to see the new Mary Poppins film (for I adore that character and Emily Blount in equal measure), so much so that I’m willing to overlook Lin’s atrocious Cockney accent. Seriously. It’s a problem.

To soothe my aching ears, I was glad that Vanity Fair offered this video this week (wow, heavy VF Friyays…) of Lin translating some theater slang.

Aaron and Jeff. What a combo.

If you ask me the piece of art that has most influenced my life, I have a hard time choosing between three works. The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and To Kill a Mockingbird. All three came into my life at key moments and have helped shape how I see the world. Mockingbird, to my delight, has been adapted by my favorite playwright, Aaron Sorkin, and is currently on stage at the Schubert Theater in Manhattan. Sorkin, by the way, is a linguistic genius as long as he’s not writing adult women characters, so I feel Lee’s property is safe in his hands. Jeff Daniels – who has worked with Sorkin before in the trainwreck known as The Newsroom – is sartorially perfect to play Atticus Finch and I CANNOT WAIT to see this performance. Good news for me, living so close to NYC affords me that privilege and Dr. Hinson and I have tickets for January.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Yeaaaaarrrrr

It’s Top 10 list time! I love, love, LOVE reading top 10 lists for what people recommend from 2018. Books, movies, video games, television, you name it, I’ll consume it. I work at a book review site where our entire staff does Top 10s for the year and I adore the diversity that’s dredged up each year. I will be greedily consuming any list that comes across my desk and adding to my bourgeoning TBR/V/P plie.

So, Let’s Sing Out With Joy For the Brave Little Boy

In a very serious note to end this week, Sunday is the beginning of advent and it is my favorite time of year. Christmas is great, but it’s the advent piece of Christmas that I value the most. Advent – the four weeks before Christmas in the traditional Christian church calendar – teaches us to live in the already and the not yet. To remember that everything will be okay, but it’s probably not okay right now. To celebrate anticipation and mystery. To be present in the moment, even when you have no idea what that moment really means. To remember we are to listen to teenage girls, to welcome strangers, to practice radical hospitality, to love extravagantly, and to trust that the believing and the knowing will one day align.

I listen to a lot of sacred music this time of year – I can only take so much Santa, y’all, in full disclosure – and my favorite album OF ALL TIME for this time of year is Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God, which tells the scriptural story of Jesus from Exodus onwards. If you are inclined to the theology side of the season, I cannot recommend this work highly enough.


So that’s it from me! Dr. Hinson will be back next week and then stay tuned for a special wedding themed Friyays on December 14th, as Abbey Research celebrates the covenant of Brian (my brother) and Allison!

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