5 Friyays – November 6

5 Friyays – November 6

Well. It has been A WEEK. Not sure I have enough mental energy to form the words for my Friyays, but I do have a very diverse list of things to celebrate – even during these times. Join me for some joy – it will at least distract you from Election coverage for a few minutes. 

Romance Joy

Dr. Kristen and I have already (several times) celebrated the joy of Shondaland’s upcoming Netflix adaptation of the Bridgerton book series. But ya’ll – this Monday we got the first teaser trailer! The Good Doctors squealed with excitement – so feast your eyes on this sumptuous treat!

Pizza to the Polls

During this election cycle I learned about the wonderful nonpartisan charity Pizza to the Polls, that literally sends pizzas to people waiting in line to vote. What a simple, genius, kind idea. I sent a few pizzas out on Tuesday, knowing that people were doing their part to participate in our democracy. Everyone should be allowed to vote, and have pizza while they wait.

Broadway Comes to Hallmark Christmas

On Halloween night, The Good Doctors watched their first Hallmark Christmas Movie of 2020 and boy was it special. Since the release of their schedule we’ve been waiting for ‘One Royal Holiday’ because it featured two of our Broadway favorites Laura Osnes and Aaron Tveit. It did not disappoint. There’s something to be said for hiring accomplished actors and we loved every second of it. If it airs again – don’t miss out on the joy.

#NativeVote2020 Sets Some Records

Since we have a representative democracy, it’s always good news when more citizens gain representation. This week saw the election of 6 Native and Indigenous people to the US House of Congress – setting a new record! We remain hopeful that the next government will look more like our country than the last.

Learning Royal Slang

We’re gearing up for the premier of ‘The Crown’ Season 4 on the 15th and so there’s loads of great content worth celebrating. Check out this adorable video with Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor, taking a few guesses at royal slang. Stick with The Good Doctors for our continuing coverage of this Netflix smash success and catch up on our playlist here.

That’s what I’ve got for this week. Put the phone down, if it’s nice, go outside. Take some deep breaths and we’ll see yinz next week. Be well. 

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