5 Friyays: October 11

5 Friyays: October 11

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s Dr. Erin here! I’m back from my holidays and have spent the week suffering through a horrendous cough and cold. So, I think I’m in need of my Friyays more than ever. I’ve got a pretty mixed bag this time – hopefully something for everyone. Let’s crack on!

Austen Nerds Unite!

Those of you familiar with my blogs know I have a deep and abiding love for all things Jane Austen. It should come as no surprise that the second I heard about the TV mini-series adaptation of her unfinished novel ‘Sandition’ I made sure I had a way to watch it. It premiered on the UK TV channel ITV in September and its finale aires this Sunday. Though a bit sluggish to start, I think it’s final few episodes have been top-form Austen and I cannot wait to see the end. For those of you in the States who don’t have access to it yet, it will premier on PBS Masterpiece in January. Perfect winter weather watching. Here’s the sneak peak to wet your whistles!

Recognizing the Integrated Education Movement

One of the most surprising statistics I always told visitors to Northern Ireland was that 93% of schools are segregated on the basis of religion – Catholic and Protestant. When we talk about advancing peace initiatives in the province, furthering integrated education is always at the top of the list. This week I was delighted to see that the Integrated Education Movement received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Fingers crossed they receive the long-overdue recognition they deserve.

Returning What Was Stolen

During a political visit from the President of Finland to the White House last week, the President of Finland announced that an agreement had been reached between representatives of 26 Native American tribes and the National Museum of Finland to return human remains and cultural artifacts. The items were taken from burial sites in what is now Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado by a Swedish archaeologist in the late 19th century. The museum will return over 600 objects and the remains of 20 individuals. Though repatriation of stolen Indian objects and remains is a longstanding and unresolved issue – it was heartening to see this recent progress.

We Can’t Be What We Can’t See, Part 67

In my ongoing effort to highlight issues of gender equity and representation, I loved this story about a recent special Delta airlines flight. As part of their WING program, aimed at increasing the number of women pilots, Delta launched an all-female flight crew to take 120 female students to Houston and NASA to speak with leading women in the fight for gender equity. These are hard conversations to have, but we have to keep doing it in order to make long and lasting change.

The Incomparable Simon Biles

ICYMI, Simon Biles won a record-setting 21st medal at the World Championships in gymnastics on Tuesday. With this recent win, she becomes the winningest woman gymnast at the championships. She’s now only 2 medals short of the overall record for both men and women. We bow down and salute Simon for her continued excellence and general badassery!

That’s my Friyays for this week! It’s time for me to switch my closet from Summer to Winter and watch some more Fall-themed Hallmark movies! Happy weekend, all!

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