5 Friyays: November 29

5 Friyays: November 29

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving everyone! We hope whatever your yesterday looked like, it was both restful and hopeful. For all of you for whom it wasn’t, we send thoughts of rest and recovery today. 

Native and Indigenous People’s Month

I hope you’ve been able to follow some of Dr. Erin’s coverage this month – and if you haven’t, you’ve got a treasure trove to catch up on. Something I spent a lot of time thinking about yesterday was that the holiday is more complicated than I was ever taught in school. Yes, President Lincoln declared a national day of thanks during the Civil War as a bonding exercise within the Union, and so yes, it is a day to traditionally gather around tables to remember that there is much to be thankful for.

It’s also a day that hides this nation’s true relationship with its native peoples. So we should absolutely hold tight those we love and be thankful for what we have (always), but we should also acknowledge the lands we live on. I, for example, live on the lands of the Lenape Nation. If you’re curious about where you live, you can check out this website.

Supergirl On and Off Screen

In a long Instagram video this week, actress Melissa Benoist (most known for her role as Supergirl on the CW/CBS show by the same name) opened up about being a domestic violence survivor. While she did not name her abuser, the internet has theories. She is now in a healthy and functional marriage, and I’m so thrilled. It’s important that we remember that everyone is carrying more stories within them that we can ever really know and we should treat these kind of disclosures with grace and care and gratefulness.

We Love the Fab Five, But…

Dr. Erin and I have been having offline conversations about Queer Eye for a long time – and we usually heap praise on the show for its inclusivity and gentleness. However, we’ve been hearing from some queer friends that the show is problematic in some areas and that was highlighted especially in the recent episodes in Japan. This article explains some of the issues. 

Kristoff, The Best Disney Prince

So, I saw Frozen 2 this week and I LOVED IT OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS I LOVED IT SO HARD. *calms self* Ahem, excuse me.

But I really, really did love it for a whole host of reasons – including Kristoff’s storyline. Without sharing spoilers, know that his entire function in this movie is to support Anna and connect with his own emotions and the idea that he is a potential fictional role model for the tiny humans of today just makes me burst with glee.

Buy Nothing Day

Today is most popularly known as Black Friday, but it’s also Buy Nothing Day – a protest, of sorts, to the hyper-consumerism of the day. My husband and I observe it every year, and I’ll be observing it this Christmas as I plan to not purchase any gifts, but instead to donate to a cause close to my heart in honor of the people I love the most. Most of us need so little, truly, so it’s a good reminder of the damages of the commodification of joy.


That’s all from me this week, folks. Dr. Erin will see you next week for another round of things we think you should know. 

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