5 Friyays: November 15

5 Friyays: November 15

Hello from one of our sister companies, where I’ve been in full COO mode this week. Living in a Hampton Inn has given me a lot of time to futz around the internet, and I’ve gotten some really interesting reads this week. Let’s dive in!

Indigenous Voices in Theater

I hope you’ve all been enjoying Erin’s coverage and signal boosting both here and on Twitter about Indigenous Person’s Month – I am learning SO MUCH. I have her to thank, actually, for brining this fantastic story to my attention. Coming soon: a play about the disappeared women of various tribes, written by an Indigenous woman herself. 

The Crown & Northern Ireland: An Apathy Story

Both Erin and I are eagerly awaiting the new season of Netflix’s The Crown – which drops this weekend and our coverage will start next week – which is going to cover the 1960s/70s during the reign of Elizabeth II. For anyone who isn’t aware, one of the major happenings around the U.K. at that time were the Troubles in Northern Ireland. We’ve had some conversations, wondering how they were going to handle it – being both nervous they’d attempt to and botch it, and nervous they’d ignore it completely.

Well, folks, looks like our latter fear won the day. The Irish Times has an excellent exploration of why the show won’t touch the island but I’d hazard this: to discuss how either the Crown or the British government handled the Troubles is to discuss messy choices in which – no matter how you slice it – the blood of citizens is on their hands. If Peter Morgan needs us to always think Elizabeth is in the right, then it’s gonna make it real hard for him to talk about Northern Ireland. Which make me grumpy for a whole host of other reasons that I’m sure we’ll rant about – so stay tuned!

Marvel Trumps Hate 2019

If you’ve been reading us for a while, you know that I’m part of the online Marvel fandom universe – I write fanfiction and read it avidly and have for a while. For the last several years, an event called “Marvel Trumps Hate” has been running where creators donate items and folks bid on them and all the money goes to pre-selected charities. I offered some stories up, and bid on many more and so did a whole host of other people because in just one week, the event raised over $27,000.

I love this idea that because there’s a whole host of us who like dreaming about the mythos of fictional characters, that women will get health care and queer teenagers will be safe off the streets and migrants will get legal representation… and more. So much more.

Oh, and if you need me in January, I’ll be re-writing My Fair Lady with characters from the Avengers.

World Kindness Day

I hope you all got a chance to don your cardigans this past Wednesday in celebration of World Kindness Day and honoring the incredible Mr. Rogers. Every year, the Random Acts of Kindness organization promotes a full day where we are to focus on being kind. I love this day. I hate when kindness is seen as some sort of weakness when instead it is foundational to humanity. I don’t mean being nice – being nice is cheap. Being kind is a discipline, for it also includes speaking truth to power, and kicking ass and taking names, and being true to yourself. How did you celebrate?

When Car Commercials Make Me Cry

Watch this. Please.


That’s all from me this week, folks. Dr. Erin will see you next week for another round of things we think you should know. 

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