5 Friyays – October 23

5 Friyays – October 23

Ahola friends, it’s Dr. Erin back with my Friyays! I have no idea what’s happened since my last list. My favorite tweet of 2020 is congratulating people who are still experiencing time linearly. Regardless, I’m pleased as punch with my list this week, so let’s get cracking. 

Native Women Films

Following Native Twitter means I get to learn about the awesome art produced throughout Indian Country. Dr. Kristen and I were super excited to see this Film Festival, with movies by Indigenous women about Indigenous women, planned to honor Native American Heritage Month in November. We’ll be watching the films and covering them for our NAHM content on our YouTube channel!

Black Girls Vote

Also filed under organizations empowering women, I learned about the fabulous Black Girls Vote this past weekend. Voter registration, empowerment, awareness, and advocacy is so very imperative – especially for Black women. Excited to learn how I can support their valuable work!

Get Out the Vote – Pandemic Edition

I spoke about this in my Good Doctors Diagnose from earlier this week, but it bears a second reference. With traditional means of voter information and registration drives curtailed due to COVID, we’re seeing the inventiveness of activists in really fun ways. From The Princess Bride script reading to the Marvel cast trivia night – organizers are making the most of digital platforms to engage with voters. This proved even more true this week when Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez live streamed playing the game “Among Us” on Twitch (the gaming live stream platform). Register skepticism if you will, but at its peak time there were 440,000 viewers watching AOC play and talk about voting. As a result, it was probably the largest Get Out the Vote event ever! This is one of the COVID inventions I hope we continue going forward – even when we can all meet in person again.

Big News on Big Pharma

Further good news this week saw pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma, makers of OxyContin, pled guilty to three federal charges and agree to pay $8 billion dollars in damages. It can’t undo the damage caused by the overprescription and overuse of their drug, but it’s a step in the right direction. To learn more about the impact of the Opiod Epidemic, especially in rural America, check out Dr. Kristen’s book review of Dopesick.

Pre-COVID and COVID Present TV

We’ve been in this pandemic long enough that TV producers are starting to make new content. This begs the critical question of if, and how, they address COVID. This will depend on the show, for sure, but I’ve found a good mix is helpful. Much like I spent April and May watching all the late night shows, because it helped me feel connected, when I watch current TV, like NBC’s ‘The Voice’ and people talk about how hard this year has been, it builds a sense of shared experiences. That being said, I’m also celebrating the return of shows filmed pre-COVID, like the latest season of ‘The Amazing Race.’ We’re two episodes in and so far I’ve enjoyed watching strangers travel the world, like we did in the olden times. We don’t know what the world will look like when we reach the other side of this pandemic, but I know our artists will have a lot to say about it. As with everything in life, I find that balance is important. We support each other and build understanding by telling stories – so let the storytelling begin.

That’s a wrap on my Friyays for this week. Join Dr. Kristen next week – as the days get shorter, we’ll still be here. Take care of each other and wear a mask. 

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