5 Friyays: October 26

5 Friyays: October 26

Hey all! It’s Dr. Hinson back with my 5 Friyays for this week! Can you hardly believe it’s almost Halloween? I have no idea where this year went, but time rolls on. I think I’ve got a pretty eclectic mix this week, so let’s get to it!

Harry Potter Dance Remix

As a person who loves dance and Harry Potter, it would be hard to find something that gave me more joy this week than this video of a HS dance team performing at their schools homecoming. The video has gone viral and has over 5 million views, maybe that’s a combo Dr. Donnelly and I should consider adding to our content?

“There are a billion leadership books.”

Though I could not agree more with John Dickerson’s assessment, the crew on CBS This Morning spoke with General Stanley McChrystal about his new book “Leaders: Myth and Reality.” The General shares his insights on damaging leadership myths, and it looks like a fascinating read. Check out the interview below and watch this space for a review of the book!

The Healing Power of Art

A friend recently shared this article, outlining how a partnership between a group of Canadian physicians and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts aims to highlight the positive health benefits to artistic and cultural engagement. I know from my own research the positive impact engaging in creativity can have, and I’m delighted to see we’ll have more scientific research to back that up. So if you’re feeling a bit down with the change in seasons, why not check out an exhibit at your local museum?

A Chris Pine Inspired Friyay

One of my biggest celebrity crushes, Chris Pine, appeared on the Graham Norton show last week to discuss his latest film where he plays Scottish rebel and King, Robert Bruce. “Outlaw King” premiers on Netflix in November (and will probably reappear in my Friyays then), and while hearing Chris talk about the history of Robert, I was reminded of one of my favorite historical romance series. If you love romance and history, I have to recommend Monica McCarty’s Highland Guard series, which chronicles the course of Bruce’s rebellion and eventual defeat of the British. The history is fascinating and enthralling. Monica knows her stuff and has done the research to back it up!

Autumn with The Avett Brothers

One of my favorite bands has returned with a new song just in time for Fall. Their new song “Roses and Sacrifice” debuted on Seth Meyers last night and I’m already in love with it. They are headlining a fundraiser for hurricane relief in Greenville, NC in November. If you don’t already know them, and you love Appalachian harmonies, banjos, and joy, then these lads are for you.

Those are my Friyays for this week – Dr. Donnelly will be back next week to start November! Take care everybody!


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