5 Friyays – October 9

5 Friyays – October 9

Greetings, friends! It’s been another decade long week here in the USA and Dr. K and I have both crawled into Friday. In spite of ALL the goings on, I found some truly great Friyays for ya. It’s important that we can still find progress being made and things worth celebrating. Rather by accident, my list this week focuses on women in history, women making history, and the importance of revisiting history. As the resident historian, I guess it’s not surprising. Let’s get rollin’!

Where the ladies at?

This is a question Dr. Kristen and I ask ALL THE TIME. From history books to museums and public monuments – women are largely written out of the historical narrative. This week I learned about the Encylopedia Womannica podcast that seeks to rectify this exclusion. For 5 minutes a day you can learn about the movers and shakers and change makers of the female sex. It’s great for doing the dishes, running to the store, or even educating your homeschooled children. I CANNOT wait to dive in and plan on making sure to listen to a new pod every day.

Great Women, Great Spirits

Along the same vein, just yesterday I had the Ada Lovelace gin recommended to me and made my way to Francis Ford Coppola’s website to learn about their Great Women Spirits series. Anything that mixes women’s history and booze is a win for The Good Doctors!

Not the Barbies of My Childhood

This week also saw the announcement from Barbie that they are adding famous suffragist Susan B. Anthony to their historic women series. The more we educate young girls and boys and non-gender conforming children about all the influential women of our history, the better. I would like the Anthony doll to come with an asterisk – she was pretty racist – but that doesn’t mean she didn’t advance suffrage throughout her life. I’d love to see them make an Ida B. Wells doll next!

Reevaluating Monuments and Public History

This week the Mellon Foundation announced a truly remarkable $250 million dollar grant effort called the “Monuments Project.” The project comes on the heels of an ongoing reckoning with racial justice and history in public spaces over the summer. The project will “fund new monuments, memorials or historic storytelling spaces” while also “contextualizing existing monuments or memorials through installations, research and education” and “relocating existing monuments or memorials.” In short, they’ve decided to listen to the protests and changing cultural narrative around monuments and memorials. Since most public spaces are dedicated or named for white men, we’re excited to see what changes they make.

Breaking the Test Tube Ceiling

Over its storied (but problematic) history, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry (like all other Nobel Prizes) has not done a great job including women or POC. That’s why it was exciting to see history made this week with the first ever joint award for Chemistry to two women, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna. We salute their work and this recognition, and we look forward to future diversifications from the Nobel Committees.

That’s my list for the week! I hope¬†wherever you are in the world you are as safe and healthy as possible. Get your flu shots, wear your masks, and take care!

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