5 Friyays: September 13

5 Friyays: September 13

Hey all! It’s Dr. Erin here with my 5 Friyays. It’s starting to feel a bit like Fall out there – with everything from Halloween decorations in every shop to the return of all things Pumpkin flavored. Although neither of those things made my list – but let’s see what I’ve got anyway!

Art History Nerd Humor

I am blessed with many friends who know me and my nerdiness well. Earlier this week, a friend sent me this hilarious article from The Toast that provides captions to some seriously questionable paintings of women throughout art history. Enjoy the sass and humor – and remember we don’t have to blindly accept art – it’s okay to disagree and critique!

Messages Through Music

Speaking of art, I believe in the power of art to make change. This week, one of my favorite bands released a new song called ‘Bang Bang’ that takes a look at the USA’s fixation on gun violence in film and television. When we normalize the appearance of things, it becomes harder and harder to work our way towards change. It’s a powerful song – worth a listen and some thought.

Some Olivia Colman Love

If you follow us here at Abbey Research, you know we are HUGE Olivia Colman stans. We cannot wait for her turn as QEII on this season of The Crown (catch up with our coverage here)! But until then here’s 5 adorable things you might not have know about her from our friends at Vogue.

We Can’t Be What We Can’t See, Part 43

In our continuing discussion of the importance of visibility and representation – I was delighted to see Hasbro join the fight! This week they announced the production of a new version of Monopoly called Ms. Monopoly that will address the gender pay gap. In my mind, anything that can teach children about the systemic inequality of pay based on gender gets my money!

We Can’t Be What We Can’t See, Part 44

Great news also for women who want to advance in leadership within the MLB. This week the Boston Red Sox announced that Raquel Ferreira will move up to the position of Senior Vice President of Major and Minor League Operations. This move makes her the MLB’s highest-ranking woman ever to serve in the team’s operations department during the regular season. There’s a lot of work to be done still but we applaud their efforts!

That’s me for this week! Next time for my Friyays I’ll be writing from Ireland – so we may have a fully Irish Friyays to celebrate my holidays! Until then!

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