5 Friyays: September 27

5 Friyays: September 27

Hello all! It’s Dr. Erin and I’ve got a very special Friyays for ya. When this publishes I’ll be in Dublin, Ireland on my holidays. Since I didn’t really fancy taking time out of my holidays to write my Friyays next week, I’ve decided to write them in advance. Since I’ll be in Dublin today – I thought I’d give you an all-Dublin celebration for my Friyays!

The Joy that is Josh Pray

American comedian Josh Pray has taken a liking to Irish sports – specifically Gaelic sports hurling, football, and camogie. In a rather wonderful twist – the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) and Tourism Ireland brought him to Dublin for the All-Ireland GAA Football final a few weeks back. Here’s what he had to say about Ireland:

New Irish Soul Music

Those of you that follow our Friyays know that I’m the big music nerd at ARHQ. I recently found this wonderful, magical, singer-songwriter David Keenan on the aul Spotify. Originally from Dundalk (near the border with Northern Ireland), David lives and writes in Dublin now. He’s currently opening for Hozier on his European tour, so you’ll likely be hearing from him soon, but here’s the gorgeous single off his upcoming debut album to wet your whistle.

Visit Ireland in September

September is my favorite month in Ireland. The light does something magical as the days get shorter, and it’s truly special. I always recommend friends visit in September – there’s usually a nice stretch of weather and far fewer tourists. One of the great events that takes place in September is Culture Night. With events scheduled in every major city – the whole island celebrates the diversity of artistic traditions. You can get a sense for what happens with this years schedule – I can’t wait to experience it!

Lovely Irish Books

Another reason I’m excited to return to Ireland in September is the release of the 3rd Aisling book! ‘Oh my God, what a complete Aisling’ came out in August 2017 and is one of my favorite new book series by Irish authors Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen. Set in Dublin and in the country, if you want to understand the Irish, read these books. They’ve been passed around between Dr. Kristen and I and all our Irish girlfriends – and reading them is always like coming home. They are available on Amazon – we cannot recommend them more!

Breaking Down the Leprechaun Stereotype

One of my favorite places to visit in Dublin is the National Leprechaun Museum. First visited by Dr. Kristen, it is a tiny museum with a lot of heart. It’s not a silly mischaracterization of the famous wee Leprechaun. It uses the guise of the Leprechaun to get you through the door and teach you about the history of storytelling in Ireland and the many myths and legends that come from that tradition. It’s one of the cheaper things to do in Dublin for tourists and a great way to get out of the rain.

That’s my all-Dublin Friyays for today! Dr. Kristen will be back next week! Until then – happy reading!

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