5 Friyays: September 6

5 Friyays: September 6


Hey everyone – Dr. Kristen here with our first Friyays of the fall. I am ready for cozy sweaters and cooler temperatures and I’m happy they seem to be on the way for ARHQ. Let’s crack on with the Friyays, shall we? 

Countdown to Christmas Schedule Goes Live!

Your Good Doctors are big fans of Hallmark Christmas movies (we even run a bingo game each year for it!) so I was delighted when Hallmark released their schedule. Starting on October 26, all manner of sap will be streamed to my living room via a slew of potentially-terrible-but-probably-still-great 2 hour fluff fests. For the full schedule, head here.

Know Her Name: Chanel Miller

Several years ago, a young Stanford student brutally raped a fellow student and then was given a slap on the wrist, basically, because boys will be boys. The victim impact letter from that case – written by “Emily Doe” – is one of the most affecting pieces of writing of this decade. This week, news broke that Emily has decided to come forward publicly and is releasing a memoir about her story. Chanel Miller’s book, Know My Name, will be released on Sept 24. We already have it pre-ordered, so look for an “Abbey Research Reads” review in early October.

In Pay Equity News

I was bummed to hear this week that Adele Lim quit the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians after finding out that her white, male co-writer was paid much more than she was. Here’s The Mary Sue’s explanation:

Peter Chiarelli, a white man, was the first writer hired to adapt Kevin Kwan’s book for the film. It’s so important to have Asian voices involved in the crafting of distinctly Asian stories, but after being brought onboard, Lim equated her treatment and the treatment of women and people of color in Hollywood in general to “soy sauce”–meaning they’re “hired to sprinkle culturally specific details on a screenplay, rather than credited with the substantive work of crafting the story,” writes The Hollywood Reporter.

And Lim wasn’t just relegated to the culturally-specific sidelines, she was underpaid for work, too. Lim reportedly quit the franchise when she found out that Chiarelli was being paid roughly ten times her salary. She didn’t provide exact numbers, but said that her starting offer was $110,000+, while her colleague’s was in the $800,000 to $1 million range.


Royal Caribbean & Hurricane Dorian

I’m an avid cruiser and my line of choice is Royal Caribbean, so I was proud this week when the line announced it was pledging $1 million in disaster relief for the Bahamas in the aftermath of Dorian. I would have been even prouder if it wasn’t a drop in the bucket to their profit margin, but this is more than many other lines are doing – despite the Bahamas being a main destination for most cruise ships in the Caribbean.

T.Swift Drops Another Jam

Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover, dropped last week and I’ve been listening to it a bunch since. It trades off with Lizzo, the Moulin Rouge Original Cast Recording, and the ever-present Hamilton for anyone wondering. ANYHOOZLE. This jam – The Man – has been getting some serious rotation.


That’s all from me this week, folks. Dr. Erin will see you next week for another round of things we think you should know. 

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