Achieving is Believing

Achieving is Believing

So far in our Fresh Year, Fresh Start series, we’ve covered the importance of making goals specific and measurable. Now we’re doing to dive into the A: achievable.

Just like the graphic says, this part of the process is not for shooting for the stars. This part is for pragmatism and reality. There are two key reasons for this: one, being realistic about achievability allows you to know how much you can challenge yourself this year and two, if you set outrageous goals and ‘fail’ to complete them, research tells us that you’ll be much less likely to set goals in the future. The self-defeatist narrative will take hold and that thing is hard to re-write.


This is a key part of breaking the dream into bite-sized chunks. Is the dream to franchise your fast casual restaurant worldwide? Then maybe a good goal this year is to make sure you’ve talked to a few hedge fund investors about getting funding. Or, even smaller, make sure your process can be replicated in multiple locations, which might mean that your goal for the year is to get a second location, but the first step in that might be to find a commercial realtor you trust by the end of March. See the spiral?

A lot of the metrics for this letter is depending on other pieces of the dream that you already have in place. For example – one of our dreams is to be a go-to name for women looking for leadership development, but not one-on-one coaching. There’s a sweet spot there, we’re sure of it, and we want in. To get there, we can’t start with expecting a million Instagram followers in year one. Instead, as part of our social media strategy, our goal is to be consistent across four platforms and increase followers on each by 250% by the end of 2018. We’ve broken that down further into SMART aspects for each platform, but you get the idea.

So – what are your markers of achievability this year? What’s the bite sized pieces of the dream that you’ll focus on first? Tell us in the comments!

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