“Anyone Can Be A Good Leader With the Right Intentions”

“Anyone Can Be A Good Leader With the Right Intentions”

In today’s Leadership Voices, we’re talking to Rebecca Kahn, the owner of RebeccaFit Life Coaching and Training. She focuses on fitness of mind and body, and how the two integrate to help people become the best versions of themselves. Rebecca has great thoughts on leadership as coaching and empowerment and we’re excited to introduce you to her.

Rebecca: My leadership journey started in customer service – my last corporate role was as Global Business Manager for AT&T. Once I had my second daughter, I wanted to stay at home with my little ones and started going to the gym. I found that when I moved my body, I felt so much better. I became just fascinated with how the body works and how you can move it. I became a fitness instructor, then very rapidly became a personal trainer and a weightlifting coach, and a spinning instructor, and a yoga instructor, and a pilates instructor.


And, honestly, I just kept learning and learning. Some girls and I started a running club in Cleveland, where we got the girls together on a Sunday morning, we called it the FARTS – Females All Run Together on Sundays. It was so much fun and then we moved from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, I continued training and group exercise there.

Now I’ve been in Bucks County for 8 years, worked at a commercial gym for 5 plus of those years. Then decided I could do more to help more people by going off on my own and incorporating not just the movement aspect of wellness and feeling great, but also the mind and thought processes and nutrition as well. So I became a certified life coach and a certified nutrition specialist and here I am now with my own company, doing workshops and coaching people and doing retreats and I love it.


Kristen: You can certainly tell that you love it, you very much come alive when you speak about it. So where does leadership fit into all that for you?

Rebecca: I fell into leadership by my passion and my joy of helping people. I’m really the facilitator of their journey and in that way I view myself as the leader. but they’re in charge and I allow them to be in charge. I give them the confidence to know themselves and to understand themselves a little bit better. I’m not like a forceful, ‘You’ve got to do this,’ kind of person and kind of leadership role, it’s more of a collaboration and a giving them the tools and yeah [laughter].

Kristen: So as you were following your leadership journey and it sounds like it was innate to you in a lot of ways. You were always a collaborator, always kind of a facilitator of other people, but as you’ve grown has there been any particular resources that have been really helpful in thinking about leadership?

Rebecca: Oh my gosh, I feel like I am constantly learning from so many people out there, podcasts, my mentors, my father is a huge role model to me in leadership, and I’m also learning things from my daughters. My daughters have kind of taken on some of those roles too. I’m just amazed at what they do and how they create respect and a sense of people following them just innately.

Kristen: So, like your motherhood and your professional life have to be pretty seamlessly integrated then to be able to learn from all factors?

Rebecca: For sure, I mean, once you’re aware of that, you see it everywhere.

Kristen: Absolutely. So thinking about the podcasts and the books, if you are going to recommend anything tangible, for the readers of our blog, what would you recommend?

Rebecca: Tony Robbins because he’s just such a good influence in what I do and how I help myself.

Kristen: Is there anything else you want to say about leadership before we wrap up?

Rebecca: I think anybody can be a good leader if they have the right intentions and look at it as a partnership where you’re just guiding. Your job as a leader is to find out what motivates people and find their strength and use their strength so they can be more successful in whatever they do, whether it be for them personally or with their company or with their family.

Kristen: Wow, that it excellently put, thank you so much.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Thanks to Rebecca for joining us today and for sharing her insights. Do you know someone who could teach us about leadership? Do you have thoughts yourself? Get in touch .

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