The Good Doctors present their Authentic Inclusivity Workshop  ...

... because real inclusivity is work.

Meet The Good Doctors 

We have a collection of degrees, and a lot of 'real world' experience that tells us humans are complicated, history is messy, and we can all make tiny changes to Earth by asking questions, listening to and learning from others, and giving everyone a bit more space to be human. 

Dr. Kristen lives outside Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by piles of books and several video game consoles. Dr. Erin lives in Pittsburgh with her Mum and cat, where they share a love of British TV shows, gardening, and gin cocktails. 

Each Workshop Includes

The content of the workshops depends on their lengths -- but regardless of how long we spend with you, every one of our facilitations will have these key features. 

Ice-Breaker Diversity Bingo

An interactive feature that gets your people engaged as they learn what diversity looks like in the room.

Safe Space for Hard Conversations

Unpacking what we know about diversity, inclusivity, and privilege is heavy work. Our environment is both challenging and safe. 

Well-Researched and Practical Insights

Every workshop concludes with specific group work designed to give you practical and actionable next steps.

Learn more about our ideas on diversity, inclusion, and privilege from Dr. Kristen's talk for TEDx SouthLakeTahoe!

What our participants Are Saying

The talk was very informative and interactive. It allows you to be introspective and consider things we don't usually think about regarding how we do inclusion.

Participant Feedback

Diversity workshop

Kristen was great at it ... it made you think, it made you more aware it's not one-way, it made me think that by continuing the conversation it will get the person, staff, board member to have to engage more with me and be able to speak about lots of scenarios they were not prepared to talk about - and throughout the conversation they may go silent.

Participant Feedback

Diversity workshop

Infusing humor into a serious subject. Such a wonderful, ENERGETIC, interactive presentation. I really appreciated the presenter knowing when to stop. My brain needed to absorb, focus, and process all the information. 

Participant Feedback

diversity workshop 




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