Bridgerton – Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

Bridgerton – Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

Today, for episode 4 of Netflix’s smash success, Bridgerton, we continue our on-going conversation about diversity in the show. We also talk about addressing topics like homophobia and racism within fantasy or created worlds, and how the show could have used the freedom of fiction to present a world devoid of racism instead of one where systemic racism was “solved” by the king’s love and marriage. We check in with the cast of characters as their stories develop, including the dramatic climax of Simon and Daphne’s developing feelings for each other.

Critiques of race on the show

Race-baiting, queer-baiting, colorism, featurism in Bridgerton

Women of Color talking about race in Bridgerton

Cast member talks about casting

Bridgerton star claps back at critics of show’s diversity

Bridgerton and Race: Does Historical Accuracy Matter? 

A Double Hot Take on Bridgerton, Race, and Romance

The Debate Over Bridgerton and Race

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