Business Analysis

In our business analysis videos we've got it all! From current business headlines and case studies, to longer chats about big news stories and some of our guiding principles. Check out all our YouTube content below!

The Good Doctors Diagnose

In our latest video series, we publish bi-weekly videos covering the top news stories in business. We select case studies we can learn from and we 'diagnose' the key problems.

We also use our love of all things pop culture to take lessons from the worlds of fiction and apply them to the real worlds of business, relationships, and culture.

Each video has our trademark wit, as well as concrete takeaways and pragmatic tips!

Leadership Voices

Dr. Donnelly has over 25 years experience thinking and talking about leadership.

Her father had her reading leadership books from 10 years of age and it shows - she loves to talk about it.

Our video series showcases conversations about leadership mindsets from a range of viewpoints, professions, and experiences. 

Abbey Research Reads

We are obsessive readers.


We also believe that books are ripe with lessons for business, leadership, strategy, management, and emotional growth.

We break our book review categories into themes. Our vlog reviews take a big picture approach to each book, and as always, include our trademark intelligence and wit!

Hot(ish) Takes

We're not fans of hot takes on issues.


Instead, we prefer to do some research, reflect, and sort our thinking before hitting 'record' to share our thoughts.

This playlist is a collection of those videos - covering everything from Brexit to the USA Women's Gymnastics abuse scandal.

It's a real cornucopia!

Saving the workplace one hard (and healing) conversation at a time

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