Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

Greetings all!! It’s Dr. Hinson here with a special short blog post in celebration of Women’s Equality Day. If you haven’t heard of this wonderful and important day on your calendar, I’m here to educate.

Women’s Equality Day was proclaimed on August 26th, 1973, which marked the 53rd anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. The Amendment was the culmination of over 70 years of advocacy from various organizations within the larger suffrage movement for women’s equality.

The National Women’s Party’s ‘Silent Sentinel’s protesting outside the White House in 1917.

For the purposes of education, Abbey Research has put together a 3-page PDF on the history of the Amendment, key figures, and contemporary statistics, which you can access here: Women’s Equality Day PDF. In this PDF you will find out more information on the Silent Sentinels (pictured above) and as well engage in a current discussion on continued issues for women’s full equality. Here at Abbey Research we spend a lot of time researching and discussing current issues for women – including workplace harassment, pay gap, and access to health services. Make a start with our PDF, it’s a perfect educational tool!

Stay with us on social media this week as we continue to post about Women’s Equality Day and learn more about our work on workplace harassment here.


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