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In our community education videos we've got it all! From current business headlines and case studies, to longer chats about big news stories and some of our guiding principles. Check out all our YouTube content below!

The Good Doctors Diagnose

In our latest video series, we publish weekly videos covering the top news stories in business. We select case studies we can learn from and we 'diagnose' the key problems.

We also use our love of all things pop culture to take lessons from the worlds of fiction and apply them to the real worlds of business, relationships, and culture.

Each video has our trademark wit, as well as concrete takeaways and pragmatic tips!

What people are saying ...

Good video. Hopefully more people reflect upon these factors of happiness. Thank you.

This is great advice for interviewing. Yes, you need to toot your own horn to get a position. 

Good going, dear doctors!

Welcome to My World

Dr. Kristen loves to learn and loves to talk to new people. She's combining those loves for our latest interview webseries. 

Join her as she asks people what makes their world, what inspires them, what drives them. From being Jewish in America to K-Pop fandom, Dr. Kristen will pretty much speak to anyone about pretty much anything. 

We're always looking for interesting folks - if you want to welcome people to your world - we want to talk to you!

Abbey Research Reads

We are obsessive readers.


We also believe that books are ripe with lessons for business, leadership, strategy, management, and emotional growth.

We break our book review categories into themes. Our vlog reviews take a big picture approach to each book, and as always, include our trademark intelligence and wit!

What people are saying ...

Thank you for reading the book of my favourite author/writer. Hearing your feedback on the book as a non-Arab was definitely interesting! And I hope that you will be able to reflect on your culture and religion the same way.

Anyone with a little bit of compassion will share your opinion on the subject, you’re far from a crack pot, you understand addiction for what it truly is. You’re a wonderful person.

I’m going to have to get this book. I have definitely experienced this after I started wearing natural hair styles. My daughter is “interracial” and consistently has complete strangers assault her at the grocery store, school, and church. 

Hot(ish) Takes

We're not fans of hot takes on issues.


Instead, we prefer to do some research, reflect, and sort our thinking before hitting 'record' to share our thoughts.

This playlist is a collection of those videos - covering everything from Brexit to the USA Women's Gymnastics abuse scandal.

It's a real cornucopia!

What people are saying ...

I have heard of abuse in this group throughout my life, but I had no idea it went so far back. I find it so interesting that groups & institutions such as the boy scouts & the catholic church actually keep records of abuse. I would definitely be interested in hearing more about the place you referred to in Ireland. 

Thanks for the information at least I have a better grasp of what is going on.

Finally got a chance to watch Nanette for the first time, and I look forward to watching it again. So much content there. Really appreciate your analysis. Your comments about having permission to enjoy art (which counts for music as well) is so on target.

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