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If you want the undivided and personalized attention of The Good Doctors, then we offer consulting packages to meet your needs. Below you will find info on our fixed training packages and our custom consulting packages.

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On-Site Training Packages (Coming Soon)

We're excited to announce that we're developing a series of on-site training packages. If you want to bring us in to help your organization, but aren't ready for consulting, these smaller packages are perfect. We bring our experience and expertise to you - giving you time, resources, and solutions.

These packages are ideal for continuing education or employee engagement training sessions!

We'll offer training on these subjects:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Gender Issues at Work

Each training package will include:

  • 3 On-site 2 hour trainings.
  • Company specific resources.
  • Email/Voxer support during + for 3 months after.

The value of these trainings is $15,000+ BUT the investment is only $5,000!

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Custom Consulting Packages

With a combined three decades of academic expertise under our belts, we believe the best decisions are supported by data. However, “data” is not just numbers on a spreadsheet, but expert opinions based on interviews, observations, conversations, and existing cultural wisdom.

Following the highest ethical research practices and employing academic rigor, Abbey Research combines all of that data to provide pragmatic, customized strategies for your organization.

We believe that every company culture is unique. Though we all face the same problems - retention, turnover, engagement, conflict - every business faces a unique set of those issues. As business consultants, we do the research into your specific problem, we look into your specific questions, and we give you specific solutions which will directly impact your business.

Abbey Research’s expertise is people and we’ve been able to help organizations all over the world fulfill their visions and achieve their goals. We make educated and informed decisions, based on the data we collect. We guarantee that our consulting will result in exact and actionable solutions for your biggest pain points. 

What makes us qualified to be your consultant? We have over twenty years of organizational leadership experience, as well as two PhDs in social science. 

Dr. Donnelly is the COO of our parent company, so she understands the challenges of running a business, managing people, and making a profit. Dr. Hinson has over 10 years experience in retail - with 5 years at management level, so she knows the key problems facing small businesses and the challenges of managing teams and employees. With our PhDs we learned to ask tough questions, figure out where to find the answers, and transform the data into clear and relevant conclusions. 

With our consulting, we give you actual data that reveals the cause of your problem so that you aren't stuck wondering what went wrong. We get to the bottom of your problem without consultant BS. And we take data and translate it into profit quicker than anybody else.

Each consulting package is priced based on your needs.

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