Creativity Book Club: Avoiding Unintentional Hierarchy

Creativity Book Club: Avoiding Unintentional Hierarchy

This quarter, we’re focusing on creativity as an intention of leadership and letting Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc be our driving text.

Dr. Donnelly will be running this book club this quarter each Monday through Facebook Live. Catmull identifies four stages to the creative leadership process and we’ll be using them to structure our discussion. 1) Getting started 2) Protecting the new 3) Building and sustaining 4) Testing what we know.

Dr. Donnelly’s discussions will be up here on the blog and on YouTube as well, but if you want to join in, you’ll need to catch it live. Make sure to like our Facebook page for updates on when during the day she’ll be popping online.

In this first installment, we discuss intentionality as part of your foundation for any organizational start – whether that be a company, a non-profit, a marriage, or a division.


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