Curators of Conversation

We are voracious consumers of art and love to glean lessons from all forms to learn and share. Here’s a roundup of where you can find our conversation starters.

The Handmaid's Tale

We’re captivated and infuriated by Hulu’s award winning adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s master work The Handmaid’s Tale. As Dr. Hinson is an expert in experiences of imprisonment and Dr. Donnelly is one in religion and women and how those two play together, this show is a perfect blend of The Good Doctors’ brains.

We’ve gone episode by episode, so put the kettle on and settle in. See you over on YouTube!

The Crown

Netflix’s The Crown is a gorgeous piece of drama – but does it do justice to the woman herself? Join us as we discuss episode by episode the events covered in the show.

Hallmark Holiday Movies

Predictable, yes. Delightful, usually.

We are fans of happily ever afters here at ARHQ, so we’ve decided to chat about one of America’s biggest collections of them – Hallmark Holiday Movies!

Join The Good Doctors as we lovingly snark on the insane amounts of garland, empty coffee cups, twee dialogue, and swoony kisses.

Hot(ish) Takes

We’re not fans of hot takes on issues.


Instead, we prefer to do some research, reflect, and sort our thinking before hitting ‘record’ to share our thoughts. This playlist is a collection of those videos.

Cuppas and Convos

As two best friends, we talk… a lot. Since we talk about our work and our ideas most of the time (with interspersed conversations about sports, reading, and the latest season of So You Think You Can Dance), we thought we’d hid record occasionally and show you our process. 

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