Dietland: Season 1 Episode 10 & Book Review

Dietland: Season 1 Episode 10 & Book Review

Well folks, we’ve made it to the end of our coverage of AMC’s one-not-so-hit-wonder ‘Dietland.’ In today’s blog we’ve got 2 videos for you. First up is our recap of the series finale, ‘Bedwomb.’ We don’t want to spoil our rants, but it’s safe to say we were a bit defeated by this show. We’ve also got our video review of the book ‘Dietland’ by Sarai Walker. Dr. Donnelly had a lot more positive things to say about the book, which makes a fascinating comparison to how the show turned out. We hope you enjoy!

Thanks for joining us on this adventure! Next up we’ll be covering some favorite streaming shows and documentaries to get us to The Handmaid’s Tales this summer. Up next we’re talking about Hulu’s most recent success ‘Shrill.’ Stay tuned!

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