Diversity Workshop Package

Do you feel challenged by today's "diversity" conversations?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the terms and jargons you don't know?

Are you afraid of conflict and turnover with your staff because of "diversity" issues?



The good news is ... we're here to help!

Introducing our new workshop package ...

Why We're Failing at Diversity:

A New Take On Hard (and Healing) Conversations

We know that having conversations about diversity - planning trainings and writing policies - is challenging work. We think most companies are taking the wrong approach to the diversity conversation. We want to help you better understand what it means to be diverse and inclusive. 

These are murky waters to navigate and we know you want to respect your diverse workforce and build an inclusive work environment. Which is why we've created this in-depth workshop package. 

We believe it is possible to approach each hard conversation with openness and empathy. We would love to help you turn these hard conversations into healing moments. We guarantee that our workshop package will help you take control of difficult conversations, build an inclusive culture, and put a stop to needless turnover. 

What's included in the package?

  • 3 on-site workshop trainings tailored to your organizational needs.
  • Additional company specific resources to help you through the trainings and prepare you to implement immediate and impactful changes.
  • Unlimited email and Voxer support from both The Good Doctors throughout the training period and for 3 months after. 

What can you expect from the workshops?

We use the model of an hourglass to structure the three workshops. This means that the first workshop will start with the more generic information you need to know about diversity and inclusion. The second workshop will move to the specific.

This is where we will speak directly to the most important issues facing your organization. This session will be based off data we collect from you and your staff - as well as our own research into your specific problems. The third workshop will end with action. In this workshop you will be given immediate and long-term actionable steps to make your culture more inclusive. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Hourglass

Let's drill down to specifics for 

our 3 workshop package.

  • Workshop 1: This session will start with group work and self-assessment, so we can see what's working and what's not. Then we'll move on to our famed Diversity Bingo ice-breaker activity! During this workshop we'll also talk about cultural stereotypes that impact your office culture. This session will lay the ground work for exploring what diversity and inclusion means to your organization.
  • Workshop 2: This session will start with a review of the 'homework' from the first workshop. Workshop 2 will focus on teaching you the practice of non-judgement - with an emphasis on building empathy. This is especially important to practice with people who have less 'visible' or seemingly changeable diversities. The workshop will include both solo and group work geared toward finding what diversity, inclusion, and privilege look like in your office.
  • Workshop 3: After reviewing your 'homework' from Workshop 2, this session will focus on teaching you pragmatic tools for supporting your diverse workforce. We will help you practice conversations - on topics as simple as lunchroom etiquette and as complex as racial bias and harassment. The workshop will be action oriented, meaning each element will guide you towards direct action you can take. We will provide you with immediate, short-term, and long-term goals and actions. This will ensure that you leave the final workshop ready to implement immediate and long-lasting change in your organization.

An inclusive and productive culture is priceless ...

but the workshop package isn't!

The value of these trainings is $15,000+ BUT the investment is only $5,000!

What are people saying about our diversity workshops?

Participant Feedback

Knowing Kristen's background, I valued what she said more because she shared her accomplishments. She did it very professionally and it was valued by me - especially with the subject matter. And her ENERGY!



Kristen was great at it ... it made you think, it made you more aware it's not one-way, it made me think that by continuing the conversation it will get the person, staff, board member to have to engage more with me and be able to speak about lots of scenarios they were not prepared to talk about - and throughout the conversation they may go silent.

Participant Feedback

The talk was very informative and interactive. It allows you to be introspective and consider things we don't usually think about regarding how we do inclusion.

Participant Feedback

Infusing humor into a serious subject. Such a wonderful, ENERGETIC, interactive presentation. I really appreciated the presenter knowing when to stop. My brain needed to absorb, focus, and process all the information. 

Participant Feedback

Good reminder to create a safe space for everyone - clients and co-workers. Excellent presenter.

Start building your inclusive culture today!

The power to change your workplace culture lies with you. You can't afford to miss out on this educational opportunity that will lead to growth, productivity, and stability. At the end of the workshop package you will be equipped to handle any 'diversity' conversation. Taking hard conversations and turning them into healing moments is a necessary skill for any leader or manager.

Get in touch with us today so we can start you on the path toward a more dynamic, accepting, and positive work culture!

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